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Top Five Easy DIY Bicycle Upgrades

Credit: Pexels

A bike, unlike other bigger motorized forms of personal transport, is very personal to its owner. Whether the bicycle is used to run errands during work or just to explore the back roads on evening workouts.

If you enjoy cycling, you have probably considered making a few upgrades on your bike, not only to make it more efficient but also to customize it to your style. In this post, we will highlight five awesome upgrades that you should consider if you have not implemented them on your bike yet.

1. Paint Your Bike

One of the simplest ways to brand your bike is to give it a clean coat of paint – perhaps of your favorite color or patterns. Painting your bike is a great way to prolong its life as it is an extra layer of protection from rust. You will need to begin by cleaning off all loose dirt and rust on the bike using a wire brush. There are videos of enthusiasts on YouTube showing off how you can spray-paint your bike and turn into a beautiful pimped ride with a few creative coloring ideas.

2. Phone Mount

Most outdoor cameras today are designed with a standard mount screw that makes it easy to just hook it up to your bike. However, people who use phones to record your cycling adventures, or just like to carry their devices around, are at a disadvantage. If you are like most people and carry your smartphone anywhere, why not upgrade your bike to accommodate your phone? You can fabricate a phone mount from silicone or rubber bracelets, water bottle mount, wood, or plexiglass.

3. Build A Shed For Your Bike

Anyone who has owned a bike over a long time will understand that at some point, a reliable indoor or outdoor bike storage is an essential investment. You can easily make a shed for your bike to protect it from the elements and prying eyes. Many people ultimately get a good bike shed just to protect the handlebars of their bikes and the walls of their homes from scruffing. A shed is particularly important in wet climates where rusting is severe during moist months.

4. Bike Stand

A bike stand is necessary for you if you are the kind of bike owner who takes great pleasure in cleaning, maintaining, and repairing his/her toy. It would be very tiring and inconveniencing to have to turn the bike upside down any time you want to clean it or lay it flat on the ground when you have to leave it for a short while. A simple but useful upgrade would be a functional DIY bike stand made out of wood, metal, or plastic, and placed on the ground or hung on a wall. 

5. LED Bike Wheels

It is very dangerous for cyclists on the road when there is poor visibility – more so at night. If you ride your bike at night or early in the morning on a public road, Led light wheels upgrades will be very useful not only in helping boost your safety. Proper lighting combinations will also make your bike look really cool. LED lights (Light Emitting Diodes) are bright, multi-colored power effective lighting components that you can easily install on your bike without any special tools or skills – just your time and patience.

These five bicycle upgrades you can do yourself are ridiculously cheap. They are very easy to implement and will go a long way to make your cycling experience more fun and safer. Which of these five mods is first on your list?