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Traveling to England for the first time

The M4 Prince of Wales Bridge

Visiting England for the first time may get you wondering what you need to know before you get there. Every country has different social rules, as well as business types and work ethics. Therefore, it is good to know a thing or two before your departure what you should and shouldn’t do during your stay. Luckily, England is not a very restrictive country, so you won’t have too much hassle going around.

You can visit the country at any time of the year, and you can be sure that you will have a great time during your stay. People are generally friendly and the weather is not as bad as it may seem on the news. 

Don’t travel During Rush Hour

This is a general rule in almost any country, but it is particularly true for England, especially if you find yourself in a major city like London. If you avoid traveling during the peak in traffic, you will save a ton of money on fares and gas. And, as you may expect, both of these are not cheap in the country, especially the latter one. Driving through England can be expensive and even limiting if you’re a foreigner. 

Driving Requirements

Speaking of foreigners and driving, you will probably be using a rental car once you arrive. This is a natural thing to do considering frequent rain and expensive taxi fares. So, to be able to do so, you need to carry an international driving permit for UK alongside your regular driver’s license. Without it, you may be fined if the authorities stop you anywhere in the country.

You can easily obtain this permit in your home country. All you have to do is contact your local automotive department and check with them how to get the document.

Weather Talk

Be prepared to talk about the weather a lot with the natives. People in England are relatively obsessed with the weather and will talk about it at almost any time of the day. Whether it is a bit hot or it’s getting cloudy, someone will certainly make a comment on the weather. This can be quite interesting since you will always find a topic to talk about with someone.

Additionally, you should be prepared for rapid changes in weather. Wind in one minute, then snow, and then sunshine. This is quite a normal thing to happen in the country.

Tipping Culture

Unlike in some other parts of the world, tipping is completely voluntary in England. A general rule of thumb is to tip a restaurant 10% for good service, of course, if you feel like doing so. This is a plus since you are not obliged to make tips like in some other big countries. 

However, you will notice that a 10% tip has already been added to the total cost. In this case, you shouldn’t be overtipping the restaurant by adding another 10% to the total amount. Just pay what the receipt says and leave.