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Trial repairs at White Bridge in Pontypridd to begin

Credit: RCT Council

Residents and road users will notice site activity at White Bridge (Berw Road Bridge) in Pontypridd next week, as a works site is prepared for trial concrete repairs which will take place over two weeks of day-time works from November 15.

The structure reopened to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in September following initial scour repairs, resulting from damage sustained during Storm Dennis. Structural assessments have confirmed that the bridge is capable of dealing with similar loads to those it carried before the storm damage (7.5T).

When the bridge reopened, the Council made it clear that further trial repairs would be needed on the main structure, in order to inform the development of a major repair programme scheduled for summer 2022. This further work will be completed working closely with Cadw, to secure the bridge’s future.

The trial repairs will take place during November, requiring initial preparations to take place from Monday, November 8. These preparations will establish a works access to the structure off Berw Road and set up a site compound.

The trial repairs will follow from Monday, November 15, closing the bridge to motorists but maintaining pedestrian access. The work will only take place in the day-time and on weekdays, so the bridge will close to traffic from 9.30am to 3pm from Monday to Friday (for 10 days in total) up to November 26.

The Council is currently finalising the details and may require a lane closure on The Parade to allow for site compound positions. Once confirmed, full details will be communicated to local residents. The Council would like to thank the community for their cooperation during the upcoming work.