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Understanding the Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

When it comes to having satisfied customers, restaurant surveys are a great asset. Tools such as the EatApp provide a way for restaurants to get an idea of what their customers really think and how to address any concerns. How exactly can customer satisfaction surveys improve the restaurant? These are a few examples of how beneficial they can be.1.

1. Tools to Collect Honest Feedback

When it comes to collecting feedback, many chefs at restaurants like to go around and check in with their customers. This can provide some benefits but do you think customers might feel uncomfortable sharing negative feedback?

The benefit of a survey is that it can be done anonymously. People who may have enjoyed the overall experience but have some feedback on a few areas are going to be more likely to share that feedback with the restaurant. Encourage customers to fill it out and emphasize that what they say really does make a difference. They’ll be more likely to provide you with what they actually thought of the dining experience. Also, the restaurant survey questions are very important, so you should prepare them responsibly.

2. Grow Business and Improve Satisfaction

If you want to expand your business you need to know two things: where you are currently and what you need to do in order to expand. Customers are fairly honest in surveys about what they would like to be changed.

For example, they may dislike certain items on the menu. Getting feedback on what you need to change is both simple and effective. Since the profit margins for restaurants tend to be fairly small, you can use this information to get a better idea of where your business is going.

3. Avoid Negative Online Reviews

Unfortunately, people are more likely to leave negative feedback than positive reviews but you can turn the tide if you give your customers an outlet to give their feedback. Negative feedback may not always be valid but it’s a useful tool to know what made your customer base unhappy.

If you’re not sure of what you’re doing wrong, your customers are going to be more than happy to tell you! Also, if they have a way to review your business, they’re going to be less likely to post on other sites about a negative review. Everyone wants to be heard and you can give them a voice in this way.

4. Collect Contacts for Future Newsletters

Your reviews don’t have to collect customer contact information but you may want to give your customers an option to share their information. If you have a happy customer, then they’re going to be more likely to return if they know what’s happening at your restaurant.

You can keep them updated on any exciting developments, major changes to the restaurant and any additional information that you want them to know. Customers who feel informed are going to come back when they want a great meal. Make sure that you use their contact information wisely though. Too much contact and they may be unsubscribing quickly.

5. Monitor Quality Over Time

If you want to stay competitive in today’s market then you probably know that innovation is key. You may already have an idea of changes you want to make for the restaurant, but how do you know exactly how well you’re doing? Customer service responses will give you an idea if you’re doing better, worse, or the same over time. Keep in mind that not every change is going to be a slam dunk. Some of them may fall flat right out of the gate. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up though. Keep up with what your customers think and you’ll be putting your restaurant forth as a high-quality establishment that is eager and willing to listen to their customers over time.

These are five reasons why it’s important to gather customer reviews but they’re certainly not the only ones. Once you start getting this feedback on a regular basis, you’ll find that it’s much easier to keep up with your customer needs. Restaurants that follow this practice are going to be in a better shape to stay competitive. So, these are the benefits that your restaurant can enjoy by taking customer survey results seriously.