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Urgent emergency weight limit for Cardiff Road Bridge

Transport for Wales Rail Services have undertaken a recent structural review of the Cardiff Road bridge (over the main Rhymney rail line) in Caerphilly and requested an urgent emergency weight limit.

A 7.5T weight limit is required to be imposed on the bridge in order to protect the structure and ensure the safety of both road and rail users.

Transport for Wales urged the urgent change based on a robust Health & Safety assessment and Caerphilly as the Highway Authority will assist TfW in implementing the required traffic order amendments as a priority. The new weight limit restriction will come into place in the coming days as soon as the required signage can be manufactured and delivered.

Transport for Wales Rail Service intend to undertake remedial works to the bridge within the next few months and will liaise closely with Caerphilly CBC engineers in determining the most appropriate solution to strengthen the bridge.

As a result of the weight restrictions please note that some bus service routes will be disrupted. The changes to the routes affected will be publicised shortly.