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Uzbekistan Ambassador Visits Wales for Market Growth Opportunities

The Uzbekistan Ambassador for the UK, Dr Alisher Shaykhov held a meeting with the South Wales Chamber of Commerce to discuss market growth opportunities in Wales.

His Excellency, Dr Shaykhov and his Aide Ashraf Khodjaev, have been in the Country for visits with Government, business and innovation, and education providers to discuss how Uzbekistan can further grow their sophisticated economy, and modernise and upskill their workforce.

Meeting with South Wales Chamber of Commerce’s CEO, Heather Myers, and Strategic Director, Ellie Fry, it was noted how Wales is very similar to Uzbekistan, in terms of it’s culture and people and as a result, Dr Shaykov is certain that this is a good basis on which to conduct some rewarding business arrangements for both Wales and Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has money to invest in new start-ups from Wales, and is looking for businesses to take the step, using a partnership model to grow their businesses in Uzbekistan. This would mean not only supporting them in their need to modernise their society (he feels they are about 50 years behind the UK and parts of Europe in some ways) but also to use the Uzbekistan access to a number of other key countries such as Russia, and Asia – areas that are both expensive and that the UK often has difficulties trading into directly.

Dr Shaykhov discussed a number of important sectors where the country was exploring the exporting model and was interested in companies coming forward from:

  • Construction (both skills and product development)
  • Food industry with an emphasis on processing and the hospitality sector
  • Textiles especially the more technical textiles that support other innovative products
  • Polymers including polyurethanes
  • Toy production with an emphasis on heath and safety and environmental credentials
  • Agricultural and other machinery
  • Electric car assembly and automotive centres for car servicing
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical

Uzbekistan is constructing special ‘free zones’ for exporting businesses to set up with free trade to other surrounding countries, which increases the market potential exponentially. There will be an offer specially designed for Welsh companies.

In addition, Uzbekistan can trade freely with CIS countries, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan and has historical ties with Israel – all of whom are looking for similar sector growth. Video conferencing and other new technologies make it much easier to begin these discussions with these contacts in Uzbekistan.

Heather Myers, CEO of South Wales Chamber of Commerce, said:

“We are honoured that we were able to meet with His Excellency, Dr Shaykov, and discuss the potential Welsh businesses have with Uzbekistan. In the current business climate, it is great to see the opportunities that are on offer in terms of market growth and international trade, and we are excited to see where further discussions take us.”

His Excellency Dr Alisher Shaykhov will be visiting Wales again in September 2018. This will be an opportunity for South Wales Chamber to arrange a meeting for interested businesses to meet with him and his key Aides and are looking to expand operations in a country with a great deal of growth potential with a gateway to Russian and Asian markets.

If you are interested in meeting with the Uzbekistan Ambassador to discuss market growth opportunities, please contact South Wales Chamber of Commerce on 01633 254041.