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Wales turns to mobile slots as home enforcement comes into play

For the last 60 days, the UK has been forced to adapt its’ behaviours and social interactions amidst the latest guidelines.

While England has been quite aggressive in terms of how it will start to relax its’ enforcements, Wales and the other members of the UK have taken a more proactive and cautious approach to ensure they are as protected as possible. Perhaps this is the explanation for a surge in the trending popularity of mobile slots in Wales but not England? Smash Casinos – an online gambling news website, decided to take a better look at it.

With Online Slots having peaked at the start of the lockdown in March, the Google Trends has shown us that the number of people searching for this has been rapidly ebbing away, despite conflicting reports that online casinos and online slot machines have been at an all time high – as you can see from the graph below.

Credit: Google Trends

In fact the sloping trend in terms of ‘online slots’ is the same across the entire United Kingdom and would lead many to believe that the popularity is waning – however Wales and England take a rather different split when it comes to the mobile version of the search terms. In the graph below – you can see that the term ‘mobile slots’ had a huge spike in England at the start of April – but that once talk of the end of lockdown gained momentum, it has fallen back to its’ normal 12 month average – under 35% in its’ standardised popularity metric.

Credit: Google Trends

However, using the exact same search term in Wales and following on Google’s predictive trend curve – we can see a very, different story. In fact, whilst the 12 month search term average was more choppy in Wales – the same peak happened around the start of April when the lockdown began testing people’s patience. But, when the peak collapsed to 0 around April 26th – at the same time at England was still showing nearly 50% popularity search – Wales suddenly spiked back up to 70% and is on course now for its’ first 100% target ever: as shown below

Credit: Google Trends

This would lead us to believe that Google is seeing a HUGE jump in searches for mobile slots – but only in Wales and not in England. But could the change in stance between the two countries of its’ lockdown measures have triggered such a dramatic change between the two?

The answer is not concrete – but the timing and disparity between the two countries’ search trends around mobile slots seems a compelling argument. Perhaps it will be the next few weeks that shows us the true nature of the term as Wales begins to ease its’ restrictions as well and as gambling enthusiasts are confronted with the real possibility that big offline casinos such as the Rainbow Casino in Cardiff or the Grosvenor Casino in Swansea finally re-open their doors. We look forward to seeing what happens soon!