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Walkers in Snowdonia are being advised to prepare for less daylight

As we get ready to turn the clocks back this weekend, walkers are being asked to carefully plan their expeditions into Snowdonia’s countryside or mountains over the coming months, remembering to allow for less daylight.

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The autumn half term holidays can be very busy as locals and visitors take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy Snowdonia in its wonderful autumn colours. Although we can enjoy glorious weather at this time of year, the days are shortening quickly, especially once we have turned the clocks back at the end of the month.

As one of the partners of the Adventure Smart Wales campaign, the National Park Authority’s Warden Service would remind those who venture out to explore Snowdonia that they need to prepare more thoroughly at this time of year.


Simon Roberts, Senior Warden for South Snowdonia explained:

“As well as the fact that it gets dark earlier, the weather can be very deceptive at this time of year. It can be nice and warm in the sun, but very cold in the shade, especially in the uplands, so walkers should make sure that they wear layers of insulating clothing and carry extra layers. They should also make sure that they carry a torch in case they fail to make it back before it gets dark.”

As the weeks progress the chance of snow and ice on the mountains increases.

To provide walkers with up to date information about ground conditions on Snowdon before they set out, regular reports are issued on the bilingual Twitter account @snowdonweather. When there is snow and ice on the ground it is strongly advised that only experienced walkers with the appropriate equipment should venture out into the mountains.