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Want to Decorate Your Home With Led Lights? Here Are Some Ideas

Led lights are the coolest and most energy-efficient form of lighting available in the modern era. Not only are they cold to the touch and low power, but they also come in many different vibrant colors and they’re very bright. They’re also the safest form of light to have around. 

There are so many things you can do with Led light technology already. Now, there are new Led inventions coming out all the time and there are a lot of options. If you know you want to utilize these bright vibrant lights but aren’t quite sure exactly what to do, we’ve got some ideas for you. 

Replicate Your Favorite Neon Sign From Years Past

Neon signs of yesteryear are cool and interesting, but they come with lots of problems and expenses. Like fluorescent lights, the fixtures often have issues with the constant need to replace components to keep them working. Since they are made of glass tubes, they are easy to break and are completely inflexible. 

However, nowadays there is an alternative to neon tubing that is safer, more flexible, and more durable. This alternative is to use long Led light strips to replicate old neon signs or even create your own. 

There are a variety of different Led strip lighting options and many of them are very diverse in their use. Of the several options, only one is truly continuous and without pixelation. And that option is Ellumiglow, which is an Led wire that comes in several colors and is available in extremely long runs. With this, you can get the look and feel of an authentic neon sign. 

Outline Interesting Shapes And Objects

Another interesting idea is to use new Led wire technology to create simple artwork on your walls. Even if you aren’t a talented artist, with a template and some determination, anyone can make something cool and interesting. Any simple lined drawing will suffice. There are a lot of color options so you can use just about any color scheme you like using 2-3 different colors that go well together. 

If that seems too challenging, it’s always possible to outline interesting objects on the wall with a pencil. Then, trace those outlines with Led light strips to create the look that you want. Instruments, clothing items, weapons, symbols, or any hobby items are good choices to use for this purpose. Any simple line art can be rendered with Led wires without much of a challenge.

Turn Your Space Into A Rave

Of course, multi-colored Led strips inherently have a bit of a party vibe. So decking out your hangout room with a lighting scheme will create an entertaining space. With the flip of a switch, your room can instantly transform into an atmospheric chill zone

This kind of space is great for listening to music, hanging out with friends, playing games, or doing any high-tech kind of activity. Wouldn’t it be cooler to pursue your hobbies in a Tron-themed den? 

Regardless of what you’re into, there is a futuristic design scheme out there that will revolutionize many of the different spaces in the house. Get started by considering some basic themes like lines, polka dots, shapes, or stars. 

Create Low-light Environments

Because of its ease of use and installation, Led lights of all varieties are very easy to place in the most convenient spaces. This feature gives people the ability to create low-light environments by placing lighting in each functional area that needs to be used. This is good for the evening when you want to turn off the overhead lights but still have a lot to do. 

Using this idea, you can create spaces with custom lighting for all kinds of different needs. There are several places and spaces that you can create to improve the comfort and usability of your home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Reading spaces in bed or near where you often relax in the evening or early morning.
  • Lighted kitchen work areas allow you to sneak a midnight snack without waking up the whole house. 
  • Put a small light near the door and toilet in the bathroom for sleepy-time potty runs. Many people choose between being woken up by bright lights or stubbing their toes in the dark. 
  • Place some lighting near the front and back doors on the inside of the house so you can find your keys, shoes, flashlight, or whatever you may need before heading out to work in the early morning or night.
  • Some exterior lighting near the entry doors to help you find your keys when you get home or to do whatever you need while hanging out in front of your house. 
  • Inside closets, under the sink, and anywhere that demands a flashlight inside the house.

Running Lights Around The Halls

Running lights are lights that run the length of a hall or through the house. There are a lot of cool ways to do this and for different purposes. The basic idea is to have Led wire or strips running lengthwise from the front door into the main part of the house. This creates an interesting look and feels for anyone that traverses the hall but the purpose is purely practical, to illuminate the space in the evening to avoid injury

But there are a lot of ways to have fun with it. For example, you could run different color lights from your bedroom to the different destinations within the house. A purple light could lead to the kitchen for a late-night treat while the blue guides a sleepy inhabitant to the restroom. Elderly residents would benefit from this as well-lit halls prevent falls. Using destination lines is both a whimsical and practical idea that will be entertaining for everyone.

Led lights to come in many varieties. With such a wide variety of options and features available, there are endless practical and aesthetic applications. Whether you’re using Led wire, battery-powered lights, light strips, or solar recharged Led lamps, you’ll be able to drastically improve your home’s convenience and aesthetic appearance.