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Welsh Beekeeping Business Welcomes New Director During Growth Period

Mark Douglas & Booie Sall

Bee1, a Welsh beekeeping business educating on the importance of bees to our ecosystem, has today announced a change to its board. Bee1 has now officially welcomed Booie Sall into the business.

Mr Sall, who boasts decades of experience heading up businesses and assuming strategic corporate roles, is joining the business during an exciting time of expansion, coming on board as the business’ Director.

Mark Douglas, Founder of Bee1, comments:

“We are thrilled to welcome Booie into the business as a Director. He has been involved in various Bee1 initiatives over the past year and his input has been invaluable. This has allowed us to form many new, key partnerships with private businesses, government organisations as well as educational establishments.

I believe him coming on board in a more official capability will only help us accelerate our growth plans and meet our objectives for the coming years. This includes supporting more businesses with their CSR, delivering an increased number courses on bees in schools as well as forming key partnerships across Wales and beyond”

Booie Sall is equally as excited to be entering the business.

“I have worked alongside Mark for many years and have always been very impressed and inspired by the work he and the Bee1 team are doing. I was honoured to be asked to join the business as a Director and to help the business achieve its ambitious growth plans” he comments.

Bee1 is a business created to address the decline in the bee population, having developed a number of courses and initiatives that promote the essential role bees play in our community. Bee1 has a desire to help companies with their corporate social responsibilities, offering support packages that involve the local environment, school children, health and wellbeing.

“We use the honeybee as a conduit to link all three together. Bees have recently become an endangered species. We need to act responsibly as human beings and being top of the food chain, by helping those further down to create a better environment for all”  says Mark Douglas.

A contribution of the funds raised by Bee1 are invested to support local charities, applied research projects at universities and to develop education programmes for school children to ensure that they are all properly trained and best able to keep honeybees alive and well.