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Welsh HR experts join forces to help businesses stay fit for purpose

Launched by two Welsh HR experts, Sam Heighway and Jayne Jones , Be Business Fit is a timely business which has been formed to help SMEs navigate the ever-changing business landscape during COVID-19 and beyond.

Welsh HR experts Jayne Jones and Sam Heighway have joined forces to launch a timely business, Be Business Fit, to help SMEs navigate the ever-changing business landscape. 

With HR backgrounds spanning multi-national organisations and expertise in culture change, organisational development, leadership and executive coaching, the duo launched Be Business Fit to help organisations in Wales plan for post-COVID-19 recovery and beyond.  Its distinct model focuses on, and helps prioritise, the fundamentals that are critical to strengthening the business, increasing resilience and achieving growth. 

Speaking of the launch, Jayne Jones said: “We’re very excited to be officially launching Be Business Fit this summer and it’s been a long time in the making. Throughout COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to fully understand the business challenges that many are facing and will continue to do so over the coming months. Our benchmarking model has been driven by current business insights and our extensive knowledge and understanding of people and ever-changing business needs.  We’re looking forward to, and are ready, to help facilitate the big picture conversations for organisations as they look to take their next steps during this difficult time.”

Be Business Fit is encouraging organisations and business leaders to have open and honest conversations while they plan for the future.   

Sam Heighway explained: “We recognise that these conversations also need support and a structured framework to focus precious time on what really matters. Our unique framework is designed to facilitate these conversations and get you thinking about what’s important, from strategy and culture through to inspiring leadership and innovation. 

“Throughout the course of any business lifetime, there will be numerous milestones that we would expect any organisation to hit. However, COVID-19 has undoubtedly moved the goalposts and emphasised challenges and opportunities. Regardless of structure or size, many are facing difficulties to operations as we continue to navigate through this pandemic, and we wanted to offer a credible solution that can truly help make a positive impact. 

“We have created three programmes based on our core model because we completely appreciate that not all businesses will be facing the same challenges or issues. So, we have built in flexibility and very much take a tailored approach with our programmes to meet individual business needs.” 

Both Jones and Heighway are sports enthusiasts and believe that there is a definite link between the world of sport and business hence why ‘Fit’ is such an important aspect of their business model. 

Heighway continued: “Our sporting activities not only keep us physically fit, but also build our resilience and mental strength.  Mindset, performance, behaviour, values and teamwork are all just as relevant and critical in the business world as they are in sport.   Our model utilises these aspects and much more, enabling leaders to benchmark and identify whats holding their business back and, more importantly, determine what needs to change for the future.  Given all the challenges that businesses are experiencing at the moment, we want to play our part and support them at this difficult time.”