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Welsh music initiative for Swansea Market

Swansea singer songwriters Steve Balsamo and Andy Collins are among those heading up a new initiative at the city’s indoor market.

It means that Welsh bands and musicians are being heard by thousands of Swansea Market shoppers every day it opens.

The Music at the Market initiative sees a range of Welsh music played over the famous venue’s sound system.

Steve Balsamo, formerly of successful band The Storys, said: “I love Swansea and its market. I was having delicious food there one day and heard the PA system playing some Top 40 music – I thought shoppers and stallholders would also like some music created in Wales.

“Me, Andy and Mike Kennedy, of music champions Welsh Connections, met the council and the Market Traders Association. They liked the idea so Music At The Market was born!

“This is a great opportunity to showcase Welsh music for a few hours six days a week.” 

Andy Collins, also formerly of The Storys, said: “There’s an amazing and diverse range of original music in Swansea so it’s exciting to be able to support and grow the local music industry. A big thanks to the market team and the council for making this initiative happen!”

Mike Kennedy said: “Music at the Market allows local talent to be enjoyed in a busy public environment.

“There will also be exposure for the performers through posters and flyers – and there’ll be a chance to earn money through the Performing Rights Society’s PRS income. We’re grateful to the support of the PRS Wales – they’re huge supporters of the initiative and their head, John Hywel Morris, said a few words at the launch.

“There’s so much incredible music in Swansea and the surrounding area and this will help make it even more celebrated. In due course we’d like to stream Music in the Market live online and there will be dedicated playlists to share on social media.”

Music at the Market launched with a live music event in the market on Saturday, September 2.

The nine acts included Steve, Andy, Karl Morgan, of the band Who’s Molly?, Ify Iwobi, Sarah Birch (Lost Tuesday Society), Gareth Lewis (Dukes of Hafod), Rhianedd Adlam, the Swansea Sings Community Choir and The Rockaleles.

Each month a new playlist will be showcased and play during several hours of the market’s Monday-to-Saturday opening hours.

Advice and guidance on matters such as publishing and royalties will be offered to performers as part of the initiative.

Robert Francis-Davies, the council’s cabinet member for investment, regeneration and tourism, said: “Swansea Market is proud to support this fantastic initiative and to help pioneer a new way of promoting Welsh culture.

“It’s right that we showcase the incredible music on offer in and around Swansea. Lovers of the existing music played at the market will, of course, also be able to enjoy this as it will continue to be played.

“Music at the Market is another success as Swansea celebrates its 50th year as a city; it recognises our fantastic music scene of those five decades.” 

Chris Evans, chair of the Swansea Market Traders Federation, said: “The market is one of the city’s great icons and it’s right that, with this music, it has even more of a local flavour.

“We look forward to hearing some great sounds on the Music at the Market playlists.”

Music at the Market Playlist: October 2019

  • Pretty Andy Collins
  • Rabbit Hole Dunkie
  • Scarecrows in Tuxedos Felix Subway
  • Take it or Leave it Ffi
  • 31 Million Gareth Lewis
  • Cool for my Love Gemini Jets
  • Wildfire Hawthorne Avenue
  • Tiny Witch Hunter Hen Ogledd
  • Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau Lorraine King
  • Turn the Radio Up Nine Plan Failed
  • Light of my Life Rob Lear
  • Mirtazipine Sarah Birch
  • Adref Sian Richards
  • Like the Sun Static Fires
  • Ships Steve Balsamo
  • Liberation Hymn Treorchy Male Voice Choir