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What a trip to Wales can do for punters

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Wales is far from the first positions in various guides to the UK. Many people consider this part of the United Kingdom to be the most boring, but today we will try to prove that this is not the case. And we are talking not only about the street attractions of Swansea, which are to open at Easter, but also about a lot of other entertainment. 

Four gambling establishments rise above the misty Welsh lands, keeping the grandeur of the classics and the extravagant vein of progress intact. These establishments can surely appeal not only to classic lovers, but also to modern gamblers who are more accustomed to playing on 1Win and other mobile applications of modern online casinos. If they want to visit the gaming halls in person and feel the unique casino spirit, why not head to one of the places we list below? Let’s get inside the doors of the best casinos in the region to lift the veil of their history and specifics.

Les Croupiers Casino is a delight for aesthetes

Cardiff is a recognized gambling hub in Wales. The local casinos are busy adding staff and preparing to welcome thousands of guests.

Heading deep into Cardiff, the iconic Les Croupiers Casino emerges from the gloom of the shopping districts. For almost half a century it has been a constant landmark for gambling enthusiasts. At the heart of its appeal – a successful combination:

more than fifty electronic slot machines;

two dozen table games with an amazing return rate of over 94%;

sports bar with television broadcasts.

Also among the advantages – round-the-clock access to the halls. To the dismay of the rest of the region, the location in the southern part of Wales limits its geography. However, quenching the gambling appetite is guaranteed in a virtual casino format.

Grosvenor Casino in Cardiff: a monument to sophistication

In the heart of the Welsh capital hospitably opened its doors one of the largest land-based gambling complexes – Grosvenor Casino. Its professionalism and impeccable service are sanctified by its reputation:

a large selection of table games;

numerous slot machines;

regular poker tournaments.

The atmosphere of friendliness and luxury fully conveys the spirit of the gaming process. And recently there was a big win of 173000 pounds.

Grosvenor Casino in Swansea: a compact alternative

For those who prefer a secluded atmosphere and lack of metropolitan hustle and bustle, there is an equally high-quality alternative in Swansea. The main advantages of this casino are:

  • retro design of the interiors in the old style;
  • variety of entertainment: poker, blackjack, roulette and jackpots;
  • a sports bar with broadcasts and a lounge area.

The latter is complemented by extensive bar and restaurant areas, creating a holistic ecosystem for the perfect evening out.

Fun Factory 2 in Abergeley: a gambling family affair

Nestled in the west of Wales is Fun Factory 2, an impressive mix of entertainment for all ages. While adult guests quench their thirst for risk at the slot machines, the children’s area offers an enjoyable pastime for younger visitors.

As you can see, there really is plenty to do in Wales for the gambling enthusiast. Many will say that to enjoy such entertainment does not need to go anywhere at all. After all, it is enough to pass 1win registration, replenish the account and start playing right from home. Of course, it is very convenient, but many people want the maximum immersion, which can only provide land-based casinos. And why not go to those gambling clubs that are located in the western part of the British island?

Welsh casinos are a unique blend of history, modernity and versatility. From elegant metropolitan establishments to provincial, democratic clubs, there’s a place for gambling enthusiasts.


Having traced the kaleidoscope of gambling attractions in Wales, there is no doubt that this region of the British Isles is worth admiring for fans of quality gambling leisure. Inspire new emotions by discovering undiscovered facets of classic entertainment at local casinos. Try a new, refreshing experience in a comfortable, respectable environment – both virtually and offline.