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What are the Benefits of Having a Garden Office?

After the COVID19 pandemic and the working from home revolution, more and more companies are getting on board with remote and hybrid work. Today, working from home at least for some of the week has become the norm for many people. After most of us were forced to work from home during the pandemic, one of the main benefits to come out of it all was that it became clear to see the benefits of remote work, including saving money for both companies and employees, and the fact that it leads to employees who are more satisfied, and therefore more productive at work.

Along with more remote jobs available, there has also been an increase in people turning to freelance work, which offers more flexibility when it comes to working from home and to your own schedule.

Because of this, garden buildings are also becoming more popular. A garden building provides an additional space that is away from all the distractions in the family home, providing you with somewhere quiet to focus on your work for the day. Keep reading to find out more about garden offices and the benefits of having one.

Easier Than You Think to Construct

A garden building is easier and cheaper to construct compared to other options, such as an extension on your home or a loft conversion, for example. You can even get flat-packed garden buildings, or buy materials separately such as corrugated roofing sheets like corrapol-BT. Corrugated roofing is just one option that you can use for a garden room. It’s a project that you could have a go at doing yourself if you have some DIY skills and are up for the challenge, or you can find companies that build garden rooms for you.

Save Money

Over time, the money that you invest into building your own garden room as an office will begin to pay for itself. This will be especially true for you if working from home in your garden room means that you won’t be spending money on fuel or public transport tickets for a lengthy commute to and from work each day. Along with this, working from your garden office means that you will be less tempted to spend money on all those extras like Starbucks coffee on the way or a sandwich for lunch.

No Commute

With no commute needed as your garden office is just outside, you can save a lot of time. On average, people spend over an hour each day commuting to work, which translates to over ten thousand hours just commuting over the course of your career. When your office is in the garden, there’s no need to spend all that time travelling, allowing you more flexibility when it comes to getting your day started, and reducing stress.

Customise the Space

Another reason why lots of people who are choosing to work from home like the idea of a garden office is that it is completely customisable. Instead of being stuck in a boring, dull office or a grey cubicle with harsh lights and air con that never seems to be on the right setting, you can customise your garden room to exactly how you want it to be. You have full control over how to decorate your garden office, from the colour of the walls to the office chair and desk that you use.

More Time with Family

When you work in an office away from home and finish work at 5PM, this often means that you end up stuck in the rush hour traffic on your way home, meaning that even if you don’t live that far away from your place of work, it could take you much longer to get home as you crawl along the road. As a result, you could end up missing out on spending time with your family. On the other hand, when you’re working from a garden office, finishing at 5PM means that you’re ready to spend time with your family as all you need to do is walk up the garden and back inside.

Keep Your Home and Work Life Separate

If you are working from home either in a remote position or as a freelancer or business owner, then you might have already noticed how much of a struggle it can sometimes be to try and keep your work and home lives separate. Ultimately, when you are working from home, there are going to be times when things within the home distract you from your work or make it difficult – it could be something as simple as the washing machine being on when you’re trying to have a Google Meet meeting in the kitchen. When you have a designated office space in your garden room, your work area is no longer a part of the main home. This gives you somewhere separate that you can go away from the house, making it easier to keep your work life and home life apart.

Professional Setting

If you are a freelancer or running your own business from home, then a garden office can be an ideal choice if you want a professional setting for holding meetings with your clients. Whether you’re going to be having most of your meetings online or are inviting clients, partners and other professionals for meetings in your office, the last thing that you want is to have to set it up in the living room or a spare bedroom. Since it is separate from your house, a garden room can be an ideal, professional environment for holding meetings in.

Add Value to Your Property

Adding a garden office to your home can be an ideal way to increase the property value if you are considering the prospect of selling in the future. This is because, right now, you are not the only person who is going to be working from home some or all of the time for the foreseeable future. More and more companies are adopting remote and hybrid work schedules, so a home office is a must for a lot of buyers. A garden room that can be used as an office can increase the value of your property by around 5-7% and generate more interest in it.

Environmentally Friendly

Whether you are starting your own business or are working remotely for a company, having a garden office can be a more eco-conscious choice. This is down to a few different things. Firstly, without having to commute, there is much less road pollution. And, when you are in your own garden office, you are in full control over how much energy you use, and how energy-efficient any electrical items are. By well-insulating your garden office, you can ensure that you are only using minimal energy to heat the space. There is also the option to use renewable energy to power your garden office, such as adding solar panels to the roof.

If you are working from home for an employer or setting up as a freelancer or business owner and plan to work from home, then having a designated office space is a good idea. But this is not always possible to do within the home. Building a garden office is definitely worth considering.