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What Are the Most Popular Live Casino Games, and How Do They Work?

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If you are looking for a different and exciting way to enjoy the casino, you should consider playing casino live games from the comfort of your home. The industry has grown a lot over the past few years and now offers a wide selection of fun and interactive games for you to enjoy.

Also, if you choose the right platform, you can have access to many different casino games, some of which you have never played before, such as Plinko.

However, even with the introduction of many new live casino games, some games have remained popular throughout.

What Are Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are exactly what the name implies. They are casino games that you can play in real time from the comfort of your home. The most important aspect of live casino games is that they are hosted by a real dealer, which sets them apart from other types of online casino games.

What keeps players coming back for more is the excellent fusion between human interaction and cutting-edge technology. You will no longer feel like you are playing alone because this novel technology brings so many players together.

How Do Live Casino Games Work?

The process of playing live casino games is very simple. All you need is to register on a live casino game platform and then join in the fun. The following are the three main aspects of a live casino game:

  • Gameplay and Betting

When you play a live casino game, one of the things you will notice is that the gameplay and betting are very similar to what you would find in a traditional casino. This is because the game developers have worked very hard to ensure that you feel right at home while playing any of the live casino games on offer.

  • Professional Dealers

When you sit down at a virtual live casino game table, your game host will be a real person rather than a computer-generated animation. Interacting with a real dealer is an advantage that no one would want to miss out on. The live dealer will be there to make sure the game goes smoothly and to provide you with any information you may need.

  • Randomness and Fairness

Finally, even though you would rather pay online, that does not mean you want to play a game whose fairness you are not sure about. The best live casino games use the latest software and various algorithms to ensure that players experience the same level of fairness and randomness they would in a real casino.

The Three Most Popular Live Casino Games

Of the many live casino games you can play, it is surprising that the three most popular games are those that have been around for a very long time.

If you want to make the best of your first live casino game experience, consider the following three popular games:

1. Roulette

One of the most popular options on most live casino game platforms is roulette. Unlike many other casino games that may require a bit of skill, roulette is mostly just a game of chance.

It involves throwing a small ball in the opposite direction of a spinning wheel and placing bets on which of the numbered green, black, and red boxes it will land. The simplicity of the game makes it a prime candidate for online live casino games.

When the game starts, a real dealer will stand in front of a roulette wheel and show the players that the wheel is placed appropriately. The players will then place bets on the game before the wheel is spun and the ball is thrown.

There are different versions of roulette, such as American and European roulette, and all are very popular in live casino games.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack provides players with the opportunity to use a bit of skill in combination with some luck. This is one of the most popular casino games in the world due to the great odds that players can enjoy.

Even before the arrival of live casinos, blackjack was always one of the most popular online games. However, since the introduction of live casinos, its appeal among players has grown tremendously.

Blackjack provides players with the best chance for social interaction, which is another reason for its massive growth in popularity. Experienced players also flock to this game because of the great opportunities afforded by card counting.

Although the practice is generally frowned upon in casinos, when you play online against a live dealer, you can implement the strategy even better. It is a lot more difficult for the house to catch card counters online than in the casino.

3. Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in Asia, and it provides many opportunities for you to enjoy a different type of gambling from the comfort of your home. The use of online live casinos has meant that the game has become very popular in European and American countries as well.

Just like when playing blackjack, a live baccarat dealer will be live-streamed dealing the cards. Using voice and text, the players can then interact with the dealer as the game goes on.

This type of interaction is what makes baccarat and the other games in this category so popular among online players.

Tips for Playing Live Casino Games

When you are playing live casino games, always remember that a live dealer is controlling the game rather than a computer. As such, the following tips may help improve your game experience:

  • Always have a good strategy
  • Use a stable internet connection
  • Learn the house edge
  • Try new variations of classic casino games
  • Always check the stake limits
  • Remember that all forms of gambling can be addictive


The arrival of live casino games has opened up a whole new world for gamblers to explore. This high level of interaction is something that has never been witnessed before on online casino platforms. If you want to be a part of this fascinating world, take part in any of the most popular live casino games online.


Gambling statement

Underage gambling is an offence. You must be over 18 years old to gamble.

Any form of gambling should always be fun, playing in a way that is right for you. It’s good to set limits, take time out or set up reminders.

Please gamble responsibly and in moderation.

For more information on the tools available to help to keep you safe or if you want advice or support you can call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 8020 133 (England, Scotland and Wales or visit Gamblingtherapy.org).