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What Happens When You Delay Your Eye Test?

Eye tests help know if your eyesight is good, how bad your vision has deteriorated or if you have an underlying eye disease. By regularly getting your eyes tested and buy online glasses, you can know the condition of your eyes.

Most of the time, you go for an eye test, you get similar results. There is little to no change in your eye prescription, and you may or may not change your glasses. This verdict is good. However, it doesn’t stay the same always.

Eye Test Detects Underlying Diseases

Eyesight deteriorates as you age. As you are closing your 40s, you will notice changes in your health and your vision. By going through regular eye tests, you can detect these general health conditions beforehand. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high BP are common diseases and show no symptoms most of the time. If you get a regular eye test. You can find these changes quite early.

You can detect incurable diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and get treatment early on. By early treatment, you can slow down the deterioration of eyesight.

Similarly, by going for a comprehensive eye test, you can find out many diseases that you might have. If you delay your eye test, you might aggravate your health issues.

Increase in Prescription Number

As you age, your vision deteriorates. To accommodate the vision changes, you wear prescription glasses. By going on regular eye tests, you keep track of these vision changes. You change your glasses as your vision requires. However, if you do have not to get your eye tested in years, you will have difficulty adjusting to your new glasses. Because of the lockdown and plenty of other reasons, I kept delaying my eye test. It had been four or maybe five years since I had my last eye test. In my recent eye test, my eyesight had gone worse. I had myopia with -3.25 D. It jumped to -4.5 D in four years. My vision had gone worse, and obviously, the new glasses will be difficult to adjust as there is a vast difference in the prescription. You might have headaches, vision distortion and other adjustment issues because of such sudden changes.

Old People are At Risk

With old age comes a lot of health changes. Your vision is also among them. Keeping a note of how your sight is deteriorating and making adjustments to your lifestyle can be beneficial. You can adjust your furniture and home layout to meet your vision needs. You can make it less accident-prone. More old people have the risk of injury from falling or stumbling on furniture. By making adjustments to your house, you can mitigate this risk. By going on regular eye tests, you will know the condition of your eyes and take appropriate treatment to prolong your vision.

Learning Disabilities

Children learn by seeing. When they cannot see clearly, it will impact their ability to learn. They learn to read and then read to learn. If the child has vision issues, it will be difficult for their overall development. Undetected amblyopia (lazy eyes) can affect their reading ability. 28 per cent of kids with learning abilities have serious eyesight issues. If detected early, these vision issues will not hamper the overall growth of the children.

You can take your child for a free eye test with the NHS. Anyone under 16 years of age is eligible for a free eye test. So, take them and get their eyes tested regularly.

Road Safety

Distraction on the road can cause accidents. When your vision is not clear, you have an increased chances of getting into a mishap. It is important to get eye tests regularly and wear glasses with your updated prescription. If you can see clearly, you will have fewer chances of getting into any accidents.

For driving, you need to use near, far and normal vision. If your vision is not clear for any distance, you will have difficulty driving. You need to keep an eye on the road and on the dashboard simultaneously. Also, you should be able to see clearly at your immediate distance. If you have presbyopia, wearing reading glasses or your usual distance glasses will hinder your view. You should wear varifocal glasses to see clearly at all distances without having to change your eyewear or adjusting your position.

Vision Changes are only a symptom.

Headache, blurry vision, eye strain are a symptom of computer vision syndrome. These symptoms can also be a symptom of many other diseases. Vision changes can be because of ageing but also for many health conditions. Stroke, aneurysm and many similar diseases have vision changes, headaches, blurry vision as common symptoms. It is difficult to tell if your headache is because of taking stress or from a health condition. Many times these health conditions are fatal. To be on the safer side, you should go for an eye test regularly.