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5 Impressive Projects Planned for Cardiff that Have Never Been Realised

It is abundantly clear that over the last 25 years, Cardiff has undergone some tremendous changes. From the impressive Principality Stadium to the Millennium Centre, the city is covered in cranes that each year push Cardiff into the future.

Yet, have there been any futuristic projects that never came to life? Can you remember any of them? Here are five of the most impressive projects planned for Cardiff that have never been realized- you’re in for a surprise.

Bay Pointe

Bringing New York to Cardiff. That was the plan of the 2,400-flat development. Three gigantic buildings, with one that had as many as 41-storeys, Bay Pointe was THE most ambitious project in the city.

Nevertheless, bad luck struck Bay Pointe and all the people involved in this project due to the economic crisis of 2008. Bay Pointe should have been finished for the London Olympics in 2012, but for over 13 years now, the Cardiff International Sports Village peninsula is still unused.

Luckily, in 2019 the city approved a plan to create 1,000 flats, restaurants, bars, and even leisure facilities. This new project will take 10 years to complete, although we can assure you right now that it won’t be as exciting as the plans behind Bay Pointe.

Super Casino

In 2006, Cardiff wanted to become a miniature version of Las Vegas with its Super Casino. Knowing how popular the online casino operators in the UK are right now, this impressive gambling hall was to be open 24/7 with a 220 metre panoramic viewing tower to view the Bristol Channel and South Wales.

The Super Casino was not only going to bring million-pound slots to the Land of the Lucky, but also 1,500 jobs. Unfortunately, Cardiff Council failed to secure the rights from the UK Government and so the impressive Super Casino project was put back on the shelves.

Cardiff Bay Opera House

You can ask any resident in Cardiff and they will tell you that the city would no longer be the same without the Welsh Millennium Centre. Well, originally, that wasn’t the plan.

On St David’s Day back in the year 2000, the city was to open the £43m Cardiff Bay Opera House. What went wrong was the support of Cardiff City Council and South Glamorgan County Council who criticised the project as being too elitist.

As trivia: Although the project never saw the light of day in Cardiff, it eventually managed to be converted into the famous Guangzhou Opera House in China, which is critically acclaimed.

Driverless Taxis

Although everyone is currently talking about this project on UK motorways, it was actually Cardiff who came up with the idea.

The Cardiff Council decided in 2002 to adapt an Urban Light Transport Taxi Network to link the city centre and Cardiff Bay.

Where the problems with driverless taxis arose was with the technology back then. They had to turn down two applications that failed the test and so we will never see the pods going from Roath Docks to Viking Place.

Customhouse Street Tower

On the verge of becoming the tallest building in Wales, this controversial tower never managed to open its doors. The plan was to have the tower completed by 2018, with 42-storeys rising to 132 metres.

The building was also to have rooms that could house up to 450 students, cafes, shops, and even an incredible sky lounge to enjoy the best views of the city.

Where the Customhouse Street Tower ran into problems was with some city residents calling it a future eyesore in the city. Others were fascinated with the ambitious tower, quoting that it would’ve been a marvelous addition to the city’s skyline. However, the project has been stalled for five years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get off the ground any time soon.