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What Is Project Discovery Phase and Why Does It Matter?

The majority of web development and IT projects fail because of improper planning and analysis during the project discovery phase.

Business projects are divided into five stages of development, i.e., project planning, project discovery, project testing, and execution.

If you skip any of these steps, the outcome of the project will not be the same. You need to carefully plan and analyze the project for bottlenecks before you develop the final prototype.

In order to prevent project failure, different parties come together during the discovery phase and carefully discuss the specifics. It is one of the most important stages in project development.

What is Project Discovery Phase?

It is also known as the coping phase of the project. It includes collecting and analyzing information which is essential in the development of the project. It helps the project manager as well as the developers to get an in-depth idea about the goals, scope, and final outcome of the project.

It helps to understand the client’s as well as the customer’s needs. This stage of project development takes nearly 1 to 2 weeks. It is the stage between the theoretical planning and the technical goal of the project.

The web development company has to take into consideration the needs of the client, stakeholders, and users. Along with that, they have to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the project. All these things help them to come up with a perfect solution to develop the project.

Benefits of Project Discovery Phase:

If you don’t want to undergo any last-minute revision or develop the project again from scratch, it is wise to carefully invest your time in this phase of the project. Here are some of the benefits of the discovery phase.

  • Reduce Risks:

The Discovery phase helps you to understand the goals and requirements of the project. When you carefully plan the project, it helps to reduce various risks associated with it. It helps you to avoid the risk of an extended deadline by 75%. Apart from that, it also helps you to save 50% of the project cost by avoiding failures.

  • Helps to Find Better Solution:

It helps the project manager as well as the client to come up with the best solution for the project. As it removes all the uncertainties, developers can easily find the best technical solution.

  • Aligns all Members:

This phase aligns all the members together so that they can be on the same page. It helps them to communicate and develop goals for the project.

  • Build Trust:

During the discovery phase, the development company has to communicate with the client, stakeholders as well as all the other concerned parties. It helps to build trust amongst the parties. Clients can check if the developer is competent enough to complete the project.

  • Establish a Roadmap:

This phase helps the development company to establish a roadmap of the project by getting a clean gist of all the client requirements. It helps them to prepare a step-by-step plan to develop the project and achieve all the goals.

The project discovery stage plays a very important role when it comes to developing a new project from scratch or modifying an old project. Every web development company needs to invest their time and efforts in this stage.