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What to do with your old gadgets

The new iPhone is here and you might be wondering what to do with your iPhone 10 or older model if you want to upgrade. 

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Britons are estimated to have 40 million unused gadgets in their home, from mobile phones to tablets. Many of these contain rare earth elements which are not only valuable but increasingly rare, such as indium. This is vital for touch screens because it conducts electricity and is transparent.

Natural resources of six of the elements found in mobile phones are set to run out within the next 100 years.

Here are 7 ways you can create more space in your drawers, while also helping the environment or giving someone across the world a valuable gift. 



There are many recycling sites who offer cash for an old phone or laptop. However, these sites also recondition gadgets wherever possible and send them to developing countries where a new smartphone is unaffordable for many people. Mazuma Mobile aims to reuse 95% of the phones it receives, while Envirofone claims to recycle 98% of the handsets it collects in some way.

Popular high street retailers like CEX will will buy most of your old tech, including most previous models of the iPhone and sell it on. Not only does your device end up going to a good home, but it helps to raise cash to offset the price of your new device.

Trade In

Most will retailers let you trade in gadgets for money or even gift cards, including Apple. You might be surprised how much they are worth. Apple will pay up to £380 for a smartphone. This depends on the age or condition of your device, but you should get something even if it is broken. 

Tesco Mobile also offer a trade in service for iPhone’s and other smartphones for cash or vouchers to put toward a new phone.

Give it to a relative

Keep it simple and give your older phone to a relative who may not require the latest smartphone features and must want something to simply phone their family and friends on. Not only do you get to clear some space, but you can save them money too. 

Donate to charity 

Charities are also happy to take old phones and you can take advantages of initiatives such as Three’s Reconnected Scheme. This lets you donate your phone by post and pass it on to charities to give to those in need. Three even gives recipients of the donated phones 90 days of free calls, texts and data.

Oxfam also work with the website Fonebank to turn your phone donation into cash for Oxfam to buy vital kit, such as water tanks, wells, tools, seeds, school books – and loads more.

Delay your upgrade

Do you need the latest features; whether this a new and improved camera, sleeker design, advanced ID features or a higher resolution display.  More and more people are choosing to wait to replace their phone and save money. 

Find another use

There are a huge amount of creative uses for old phones. Why not use your old iPhone as a spare music player or alarm clock? Connect it to a bluetooth speaker and listen to your favourite music while you are cleaning. You old phone can also be used as an e-book reader or dedicated interface for video chat that can be used by your family rather than your new phone.

Sell on Envirofone, eBay or Facebook

If you are need in some of quick cash online auction sites like eBay are another option. Give your phone a new lease of life and offer someone a bargain. You can also use Facebook’s marketplace platform to sell your old iPhone.

Envirofone will also offer cash but how much you receive will vary widely depending on how high-end your phone was in the first place. The process of sending in your phone is generally simple however.


Just remember to backup your contacts and photos before restoring your device to factory settings. It’s vital that you remove your personal information before selling or trading in your device, or risk giving away your bank details and other personal details.