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What to Expect From Blackjack in 2021

Live blackjack is one of the most popular games at any online casino. Different operators have slightly different versions of the game, although they usually all follow similar, basic rules. If you are a blackjack player, you will want to stay on top of important information.

We will be covering everything you need to know about this game in 2021. There are plenty of strategies and techniques that you might want to use. Stick around if you want to learn more!

More Online Games

Lately, the internet has exploded with new online casinos and ways to play many different games- blackjack among them. You can play with live dealers or use an app to play against a computer dealer.

If you are looking for more ways to play, it doesn’t have to be in person anymore. Simply check out the best online blackjack site if you want to join in on the fun.

Benefits of Online Games

To start, you can play from anywhere. If you want to play in the comfort of your own home, then this is the best option for you. You can stay comfortable in your pajamas and check out a game of blackjack at the same time.

You can also win real money in online casinos, just like you can in brick-and-mortar casinos. Blackjack does not have a high house edge, so it is perfect for many different players.

Online games can also have several different rules. If there is a certain way that you like to play, you are sure to find it on the internet.

More Payment Options

Additionally, in 2021 you will be seeing a lot more payment options when it comes to online casinos. Many serious players always make sure that their preferred payment methods are available before they sign up; now, they have more choices.

Neteller and Skrill are e-wallets that can provide deposits and withdrawals to many casino accounts. They are usually very fast too. A deposit can take just a moment, while a withdrawal only takes a day.

Mastercard and Visa are other common options. Make sure that you check whether the operator will charge you a fee before using them. Finally, the Paysafecard is becoming more popular. It requires you to use a code in your account before funds are transferred.

Online Bonuses

Playing online also allows you to access special bonuses that you might not get otherwise. If you sign up with a new casino, they usually will provide you with a special bonus. In 2021, these bonuses will be better and more useful to players.

Make sure you keep your eyes open for any good deals! An online bonus can provide you with funds to make your games last longer and give you opportunities to win more.

Bankroll Management

Whether you plan on playing online or in person this year, you will need to manage your bankroll. Blackjack does have a small house edge, but it is still enough to drain your bankroll if you do not pay attention.

You want to bet high enough to maximize profits when you are on a winning streak but low enough to reduce risk when you lose. Professionals will use math formulas to choose what to bet, depending on their bankroll size.

In most cases, they recommend that you play for three hours. You should bring enough funds to pay for that amount of time- which would be about 50 bets in the game. You want to bet proportionally to the amount you have in your bankroll.

If your bankroll is small, bet lower. Place higher bets if you have more money available.

Learn Strategies

If you are not familiar with blackjack strategies, then 2021 is the time to learn! While mostly a game of random chance, blackjack is influenced by the playing choices everyone makes.

You should:

  • Stand when you have a hard, high hand
  • Let the dealer bust
  • Split Aces and Eights every time
  • Never split Tens and Sixes
  • Don’t take insurance

Learn Card Counting

Counting cards is important. You want to know whether there are large cards or small cards left on the deck. When there are large cards, like Kings, Queens, and Aces, you have a much better shot at winning. Why is that?

Well, the dealer always has to draw until they hit 16 or 17. If the deck has more large cards, they are much more likely to bust. Card counting is when you track the cards dealt by the dealer. Tagging is an easy way to do this.

In tagging, cards receive the following:

  • Two to Six get +1
  • Seven to Nine get 0
  • Face cards and Aces get -1

As cards are played, you add them together. If the value is in the positives, this means there are more face cards left. If the value is negative, there are fewer large cards left. You will want to lower your bet since your odds of winning have gone down.

Casinos do use multiple decks, which makes card counting trickier. However, you can still use this method to get a good guess. From there, you will want to divide by the number of decks left. If you think there are four decks and your tag value is eight, then the true value is two. (8 / 4 is 2.)

There is a myth that card counting is illegal- it isn’t. As long as you don’t use any card counting tools or have another person help you, card counting in your head is perfectly fine to do.


In 2021, more online casinos that offer blackjack are going to appear. If you love playing from the comfort of your home, you are going to have many more options. Additionally, you can expect more payment methods to start being widely accepted.

Learning to manage your bankroll and count cards is also important. Once you do, you will feel more confident in your skills as a blackjack player. Everyone who loves cards should learn to do this!