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What You Should Know About Day 2 Lateral Flow Testing

When you are travelling to the United Kingdom from a nation that is not on the red list, you must schedule and pay for a day 2 lateral flow testing before flying. This is to ensure that you are not carrying the virus. 

You must schedule your test at the end of day 2 or even before. Day 0 is the first day of your trip. This implies you’re perfectly legal to be examined when you arrive at the airport. The majority of airports offer testing facilities. 

They are more costly than performing your test at home. However, this could save you additional hassle  or issues with the test at home so it’s well worth considering using this kind of service whilst you are at the airport. 

How To Meet Day 2 Lateral Flow Testing Requirements 

There are several services from which you may schedule  day 2 lateral flow testing. However, not all testing companies are the same. When it comes to private providers, some offer at-home testing through email or personal testing. 

In order to meet the requirements of the day 2 lateral flow testing regime, it is important that you adhere to a number of guidelines. 

One of the most important regulations to follow is ensuring that you take your day 2 and day 0 test in order to ensure that you are not carrying an active covid infection. Failure to provide proof of a test when flying abroad from the airport could lead to you being denied travel. 

You Are Categorised As A Vaccinated Traveller If You Meet These Guidelines 

  • You can provide proof of receiving a full dose of an authorized vaccination at least 14 days before your arrival.
  • You are currently participating in a vaccination study that has been permitted.
  • You haven’t visited a red-list nation in the last ten days while unvaccinated. 

Methods Of Testing

Tests are conducted in various methods, based on which they are undertaken and whether they are monitored.

You may be able to have a video or phone  conversation with professionals who will discuss what you’ll do if you choose to complete the test in your home. On the other hand, the term “self swab” refers to the fact that you will take the samples without monitoring.

Pricing Information

Prices may vary from one supplier to the next for various reasons, such as representing different levels of customer service. For further information about products and prices, contact the suppliers.

What Is Included In The Pricing?

  • Testing package for COVID-19.
  • Analysis of the test sample.
  • Sequencing of the genomes.
  • Notifying the patient of the result.
  • Relaying the report to the appropriate authority. 
  • Shipment and, if necessary, test swabbing.
  • Results delivered physically or by email.

Travelers entering the UK who have been wholly vaccinated in one of the UK Government’s approved immunized nations may do a day 2 lateral flow test on or before travel. 

Day 2 Lateral Flow testing using a private testing service means that you will get your test results in minutes and a certificate to prove that you have been tested. These results can be delivered electronically to you.