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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Cardiff

Going to Cardiff? Your experience will never be complete without tasting local coffee. That is why we decided to make a list of the most amazing coffee shops in the city.

Coffee shops in Cardiff are well known for their delicious brew and perfectly roasted beans. The city can offer you a bunch of amazing coffee shops that will make your trip absolutely incredible and exciting.

5 Places with Best Coffee in Cardiff

Little Man Coffee

Little Man Coffee is a small coffee shop located right on the corner of David Street and Bridge Street junction. The place is famous due to the fact they use the beans roasted locally. The beans are delivered from nearby roasters such as James Gourmet Coffee, Coaltown Coffee Roasters and the Welsh Coffee Company.

Speaking of the interior of this coffee shop, it is pretty simple with white walls and huge windows, simple wooden tables, and blue chairs. While being rather simple, the place is very light and relaxing.

Selah Café and Tea Room

Selah Café and Tea Room is a perfect place to relax while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. The place is known for its comfy and homey vibe. Due to the growing popularity among numerous coffee lovers, the place tends to be pretty busy. Also, it is known for its delicious cakes, which is another reason why there are so many visitors.

Located on Station Road, Selah Café and Tea Room attracts lots of visitors and already has an impressive customer base. There are lots of regular visitors and patrons who really like this place for its family-like atmosphere.

Deck Coffee House & Cakery

The Deck Coffee House & Cakery is a real paradise for any coffee and sweets lover. The place is known for its delicious desserts, including cakes and a variety of other amazing treats. You for sure should visit this amazing place located in Cardiff Bay.

Their cakes and desserts are pretty known around the city as they are tasty and absolutely stunning. Moreover, the place serves really delicious coffee. The coffee shop uses only freshly-ground organic beans that can provide you with one of the best cups of coffee in your life.

Stag Coffee

Stag Coffee is quite a unique place with a pretty much self-explanatory name. There are stag-things everywhere – wallpapers with stags, lamps decorated with stags, stag heads on the walls, chandeliers made of antlers.

The place is also known for its delicious but affordable beverages and food, so it is quite popular. One other important thing about this place is that the coffee shop uses Coal Town Roast Arabica coffee that is delivered from South West Wales. It is an amazing 100% specialty grade that you need to try.

Coffee #1

Coffee #1 is not just a pretentious name. This coffee shop owns a bunch of absolutely deserved awards. The place offers not only amazing coffee but lots of delicious treats such as various brownies, cakes and others.

The great thing about this coffee shop is that you have an opportunity to enjoy delicious coffee not only in the shop but also you can purchase some of their beans to brew them at home.

Whether you like classic espresso, delicious Americano, or coffee with cream, Cardiff can offer you a variety of amazing coffee that you can enjoy in local coffee shops.

Take your time to explore the city and visit some of the most amazing coffee shops in Cardiff.