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Which Countries Have the Best Climate Change Policy?

Climate change and its crisis are now a global talking point. Several policies have been in place to help tackle this problem, from country to country. 

Different countries have different performances when it comes to climate change policy. Performance is measured based on energy consumption, developing, and achieving policy goals, and national emissions targets. This guide shows you the nations with the best climate change policies.

Top Countries With The Best Climate Change Policy 

Here are five nations with the best policies for climate change.


Finland is rich in history, especially as a leading country in climate change policy. It is the first nation to introduce a carbon tax. Finland’s climate policy score is 15.98. The commitment to living green here is paramount. More wood-based materials are being used in textiles and construction.


The climate policy score for China is 15.68. Yes, the country has a lower overall performance rating, and there are detailed plans to fight the climate change that has plagued several cities. By 2030, more solar and wind energy will be used in China. That’s a pledge by President Xi Jinping.


The climate policy score for Sweden is 15.72. On an international scale, the country has also been leading the charge for severe climate change policies. It has been effective for some years now. Regarding funding climate projects, Sweden is one of the critical sources. It also supports the Green Climate Fund.


With a climate policy score of 16.48, Lithuania has one of the best climate change policies. The country currently has a 10-year National Energy and Climate Plan. It was launched in 2021. Among the plans is transportation electrification, especially for the railway and personal vehicles. Fuel consumption was also to be reduced by 24 percent. 


The climate policy score for the Netherlands is 16.53. Apart from the standards set by the European Union to reduce CO2 emissions, the Netherlands goes beyond that. It is a bike and pedestrian-friendly country. Intentional flooding was used to adapt to the climate. It secures the cities in the Netherlands, significantly when sea levels rise. 


As the fight against climate change keeps increasing, more countries must create effective policies. Contributing to green projects will also go a long way to combating climate change. Finally, click here to learn more about how to implimate the best policies in your country.