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Which Country Breeds The Best Racing Horses?

Thinking about race horses. 

We can all agree that there is one trait that sets a beautiful race horse aside, and it is their ability in speed. There are few things quite as majestic as seeing a racehorse run on a track, with their body and muscles in perfect locomotion. 

Not every horse breed is naturally a good racer, same as not all humans are good at everything. Each breed of horse has a certain level of agility, stamina, energy, and flair. Each breed will have a different skill set, some may make for better racehorses, others better at cross-country, some will be better workers, and some may be best for dressage and jumping. 

We all know that shire horses used to be work horses, and so this is a breed that too has their own talents. But which horse is the best for racing, and which country breeds the best? Let’s find the answer, and if you are curious about horse racing and how you can enjoy it more check out the TVG Website for more information.

The best horse racing breed. 

Racehorses are not just made from a single breed of horse, realistically any horse can be a racehorse, however some breeds have certain traits that make them stand out from the crowd in different races. For example in a 1-mile range consider Arabians and Thoroughbreds, in this case it will always be the Thoroughbreds that take the crown. 

When you are looking at racehorses they must be agile, with good stamina and high energy, if the horse is not agile enough for the race then there is less of a chance for a win. Both Arabians and Thoroughbreds are known for their agility and stamina.

Some of the best horse racing breeds include; Arabians, Quarter Horses (the most popular in the USA), Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walkers, Morgan’s, Hackneys, Standardbreds, Paso Fino, and Welsh Ponies. 

Each of these are good for different types of horse racing events. However, the most prominent race horse in the world is the Thoroughbred. 


Thoroughbreds originated in England during the 17th Century by breeding a native mare with an Arabian, Barb, and Turkman stallion. Many would doubt that a thoroughbred is a purebred, but it is a distinct breed of horses. They are bigger than their oriental forebears, having long legs, muscular and robust bodies, with a short back, deep chest, and a broad head. 

These horses can vary from 61 to 67 inches, and they can weigh upwards of 1000 lbs. They are often bay, dark bay, brown, chestnut, black or grey. 

These are horses that are widely used in racing, and they are probably the most popular horse racing breed, they are also often used in eventing, show jumping, dressage, the Olympic Games, show hunters, western riding, and other typical equestrian sports. The maximum speed found for these horses is 44mph/ 71 km/h. 

The country breeding the best race horses.

If we consider thoroughbreds to be a traditional race horse, and for the most part, the fastest, then we need to know who breeds the best thoroughbred racing horses. 

It may surprise you to learn that Ireland, a country that is probably only the size of the state of Carolina, is probably one of the top dogs in the international Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry. 

In Europe, Ireland is currently the epicentre of Thoroughbred breeding in Europe, they account for 35% of the output. Ireland, despite the small size, actually has the 4th largest foal crop in the world, behind the U.S., Australia, and Argentina. One of the reasons they do so well is thanks to the climate, they have a climate and soil structure that is suitable for raising young horses, so an Irish Thoroughbred is sure to be a super racehorse. 

The Irish powerhouse is known as ‘Coolmore’ which started out as a small farm in County Tipperary, Ireland. The only powerhouse that is really trumping the rest is Godolphin, founded by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed. They now have facilities worldwide in the UK, USA, Australia, and Japan! 

However, Ireland is becoming a powerhouse in horse breeding, with a very large population of thoroughbreds in Europe. But they are also in competition with the US, Australia, and Argentina, who all produce thoroughbred race horses. 

The individual horse matters a lot when it comes to horse racing, as does their relationship with the jockey and their trainers. So as for which country produces the best racing horses is hard to say, it is best to look at the powerhouse they came from, their breed, and their track history to truly know.