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Why Is Link Building So Important for Business Promotion?

The quantity and quality of inbound links that lead to a specific site play a significant role in the ranking of an online resource and assessing its trust by search engines. It is no wonder that link building is an important part of any online site promotion strategy.

Influence of Links

To be able to develop a winning link management approach just like linklifting.com does, you need to know all the nuances of the “game” and follow the rules. Find below short information about the technical specs of link building, as well as common mistakes that novice link builders make.

Link building can bring a significant benefit to your business if approached smartly:

  • It has a positive impact on the effectiveness of search engine promotion;
  • It allows a webmaster to promote even a young site;
  • It can give a good result when promoting a site within a narrow niche.

At the same time, it is important to consider some requirements and limitations of the link building strategy before you run it:

  • It requires a webmaster to carefully select sites and ensure their smooth placement in order to avoid a link explosion;
  • A large number of links or their low quality may lead to sanctions by search engines;
  • It does not always have a positive effect (for example, if most of the links are closed with “noindex,” “nofollow” tags).

How to Build Your Link Mass Correctly

It is important to carefully plan your link building strategy; otherwise, any wrong step can harm the website promotion. To build a natural link mass, we recommend that you adhere to the following rules.

  • Quality is more important than quantity – You can buy 100 links from spam sites, but they will have less effect than 20 natural links placed on high-trust domains. Therefore, it is important to reduce the number of purchased links as much as possible, focusing on the quality of a site.
  • Smooth dynamics – The growth of the site’s link mass must be smooth; otherwise, there is a possibility that the online resource will fall under the filters of search engines. If you decide to increase the link mass, you need to schedule the postings. For example, you cannot post 20 links in one go and add another 30 backlinks in 2 months or so.
  • Naturalness – Try to use different anchors for links without being targeted toward KW use only. Instead, use the name of the site, brand, sections as the anchor text in order to ensure the maximum naturalness of the link mass.

Common Mistakes

Search engines usually require natural link mass from site owners, but this is difficult to achieve, which is why webmasters use link exchanges and forums. Newbies into the SEO niche make a lot of mistakes when building link mass:

  • Only expensive links – High price is not a guarantee of high quality. The best option is to look for the best value for money. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the site, its trust rate, traffic, and positions on SERP.
  • Site traffic is not taken into account – You should not buy links from resources where user activity is too low. Try to choose web platforms with high traffic.
  • Forget about the quality of the articles – All posted links must be surrounded by unique thematic content. Order articles from professional copywriters or write them yourself if you understand the subject matter.
  • Do not check the trust rate of the site – Be sure to use services to check trust rates of sites you are going to post links on. They will provide detailed reports on spam, traffic, and the number of pages being indexed.

The above steps will help you develop a winning link building strategy and reach great results within a short time.