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Why it is important for Hulu to Expand its Network Globally?

In this era of cord-cutting, people tend to stream online rather than opting for cable TV. The trend of online streaming has grown so much that people all around the world are turning to it. In this time, the competition between online streaming platforms has risen. Every streaming service is competing to steal the spotlight.

Hulu is unarguably one of the most popular streaming service all around the world. Despite limiting its viewership to the USA only, people all around the world are aware of its amazing service and content. Hulu has geo-restricted its content due to the content distribution policies and licensing issues. It is in competition with tyrants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube TV, HBO Max etc.

Among these, Netflix is the giant that has its network spread all around the world. If Hulu really wants to grow its market share, then it will have to go beyond the borders. Currently it is in the USA only but it the one most lucrative region it is missing out is the UK. People watch Hulu in the UK through a VPN, as they cannot get their hands on the service directly.

Not only that, regions like Canada, New Zealand etc. can also be very profitable for Hulu. People in these regions are switching to digital platform exponentially. Hulu can capitalize this opportunity and grow its number of subscribers easily be entering these regions.

Recently, Hulu acquired rights to stream a New Zealand TV sequence ‘Rurangi’, which has received great feedback from the audience. Now think about it, if people from New Zealand wanted to watch it, then they will have to use a VPN to watch Hulu in NZ. Otherwise, there is no way they can access the service, even to watch a film that is from their own region.

Hulu’s recent partnership with Disney Plus has paved the way for them to reach audience beyond borders. The new Disney Plus bundle offers Hulu and ESPN in the package, which is something streamers would appreciate. However, this still would not be enough because Disney Plus is not available all over the world yet. It is growing its network steadily. Secondly, Disney Plus has not released a single MCU film      last year, which has tarnished their image.

Above all of it, Hulu taking Disney’s help to go beyond borders seem to portray a weak image of the American streaming platform. Hulu itself has earned the popularity enough that it can easily grow its network worldwide rather than using Disney’s partnership.

Nevertheless, the streaming industry is constantly evolving and we can never be sure when the tables might turn. Things can change overnight and we hope that Hulu considers to up their game as soon as possible.