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Why Many UK Bingo Players Prefer Playing Online

Over the past few years, the rise in online gambling has increased and is forecast to grow by more than 10 per cent until at least 2027. In the UK, bingo is a popular pastime that has been passed down through the generations and regularly by women and men of all ages and used to be most popular with older women before advances in online technology led to the launch of online bingo.

There are still bingo halls where players can socialise, but increasingly players are turning to bingo sites where they can still enjoy a social experience and the chance to win real money, without leaving home. Traditional and online players can still appreciate the bingo calls for each number, whether they be the traditional or more modern variants. Whilst online operators offer promotions and deals not usually offered in brick-and-mortar bingo halls.

Online is more sociable

The number of bingo halls in the UK has been falling for years as players increasingly move to online games. For those new to the game, it may seem odd that an online version of a game is more sociable than a face-to-face experience, but at a bingo hall you have to sit quietly so that everyone can hear the caller, whilst online you can chat and socialise whilst playing.  It is also possible to make friends in the chat rooms as well as playing alongside your friends.

Auto-registering of numbers called

In a bingo hall, you usually have to listen out for the numbers called. In contrast, when playing online, your computer or device will automatically register the number for you, which removes any risk that you might miss out on a jackpot because of a hearing mishap of some sort or any interruption.

Bingo is a hobby for most in the UK

For many people in the UK, bingo is a hobby and not a way to make money. There is an expectation on a night out that you will spend more money than you win,  but that does not matter as you play because you want a fun time, whether playing from the comfort of home online, or in a land-based venue.

Free play and jackpots

Online bingo sites offer demonstration areas where you can see how each of the bingo games are played so that you can see the differences and choose the game style that suits you best.  There are branded games based on television shows like “Deal or No Deal”  and games based on popular sports like football that opens the game up to a new generation of players. Free games online are a good starting point for new players before launching into playing with real money with a chance to also win real money.

Online bingo operators offer more jackpot prizes than land-based bingo halls. Even if you do not win the jackpot, most sites announce a game-winner every few minutes. New players can increase their chances of a win from their bankroll by taking advantage of online bingo operator bonuses. Operators also offer promotions to loyal players, with some receiving VIP perks. The best online bingo sites let you withdraw your winnings instantly, whilst others may take a couple of hours or days.