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Why the Gambling Scene in Wales is on the Rise

There are certain places in the world that are renowned for the calibre and scope of their gambling scenes. Las Vegas is a prime example, as are Monaco, Macau, and many others. In the UK, of course, there is London, which has an astonishing 27 casinos, offering an incredible 712 slots and gambling machines between them.

It’s a phenomenal number and one that marks the capital out as an obvious candidate for the mantle of gambling mecca. More surprising, perhaps, is that Wales as a whole is also in the ascendancy.

We take a look at the gambling scene in Wales and why it’s on the rise.

An ever-growing industry

For those living in Wales and wishing to enjoy a flutter in 2021, the options are limitless. While bricks-and-mortar play remains popular, there are also an array of gambling games available on the internet, from slots and card play to online bingo in UK.

Let’s take the latter as an example. Not so long ago, those who wished to indulge in a game of bingo would have needed to head down to their local venue. This might have been anything from five minutes down the road to 45, depending on how remote they were, and play would have followed a highly standardised format.

Today, however, the same player could simply log onto an online provider and choose from an array of options, from themed play all the way through to bingo slots. While online, they could also chat to other players in the same room as them.

According to an article published on Wales247, this variety has led to a huge surge in the country’s online gambling market. Though Wales only accounts for 4.7 percent of the UK’s total population, it has a disproportionate number of players, who inject around £260 million into the industry’s economy each year.

Why is gambling so popular in Wales?


What’s interesting to note here is that there are only four land-based casinos in Wales: three of them in Cardiff and one in Swansea. This means that opportunities for physical gambling are limited, which goes some way towards explaining the popularity of the internet sector within the country.

However, this alone isn’t enough to unpick the phenomenon, for there are plenty of other entertainment options open to citizens. The explanation, therefore, arguably lies in the quality of these offerings.

Certainly, online casinos have much to recommend them: they’re accessible, flexible, and provide an exceptional degree of variety. It’s this latter point that probably accounts, in large part, for their popularity.

Offering lots of different options, online casinos endeavour to have something to suit every individual, and in doing so, they hugely increase their appeal. In areas where there are few land-based casinos, they have a captive audience, and certainly in the case of Wales, one that has taken full advantage.

With the international casino industry only continuing to grow, it will be interesting to see whether the popularity of online play within the country spreads even further in the years to come.