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Why Wales Has Seen An Increase In Divorces And What It Means

According to the statistics published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), they noted that there was an increase in the number of divorces of heterosexual couples, from 18.4 per cent from 90,871 in 2018 to 107,599 in 2019. The ONS collects its divorce statistics based upon information from the Courts and Tribunal Service that have been recorded during the divorce process for each case. As for why this sudden increase, especially as the rate had decreased, ONS believe that this recent spike could partially be attributed to a backlog in petitions from 2017 that were being processed by the Ministry of Justice in early 2018.

The most common reasons for couples divorcing in 2019 according to ONS was due to unreasonable behaviour. The figures reported showed that in heterosexual marriages, 49 per cent of wives and 35 per cent of husbands had petitioned for a divorce on these grounds. Unreasonable behaviour covers a vast range of areas, such as emotional support or a sexual relationship, to refusing to contribute financially and more serious actions to name but a few.

During the course of a relationship, it will experience pressure from the demands of children and family, work, home and also money difficulties. In addition to this, as people change and grow throughout their life, their needs and desires will also alter over time. This results in many long-term relationships and marriages not being able to survive the change.

As divorces continue to rise, it is important to consider the reasons as to why there has been an increase, but also the ripple effect this has outside of a couple’s relationship. Here are just a few reasons as to what could have caused the rise in divorce rates and its effects it has.

Divorce Lawyers Booming Business

With the rise in the number of divorce cases across Wales, couples in Cardiff were considered one of the most likely to split, with the area revealing a divorce rate of 21.1 per cent. This increase in the number of divorces has meant more people are seeking advice and support from divorce lawyers so that they can help them through the process. Which, fortunately for divorce lawyers, has provided them with more work. With lockdown restrictions in place, many law firms continued to work, especially due to their vastly increased workload. However, the services that a divorce lawyer can provide remained the same.

The support and guidance having a divorce lawyer can have on the process makes an incredible difference. Going through a divorce can at times get a little challenging, with both parties becoming emotionally charged. This means judgments get clouded and rash decisions can be made.

As such, if you are beginning the difficult process of filing for a divorce, finding the right support will help to make the overwhelming situation considerably easier and the transition smoother. If you are looking for a divorce lawyer in Cardiff, Robertsons Solicitors has a team of devoted individuals who are well-equipped in providing sensitive, specialised expertise in divorce and separations.

The external support that comes with hiring a divorce lawyer allows the opportunity to ensure that the best outcome is achieved, especially when children are involved.

The Strain Of Lockdown

The lockdown restriction that was put in place to help contain the spread of Coronavirus also tested the strengths of many peoples relationships. The stress of the unprecedented situation we found ourselves in, such as the limited things to do, people to see, job losses, being on furlough or working from home, meant that many couples were forced to spend more time with one another within one space. Whilst the pandemic itself may not have caused couples to proceed with a divorce, the lockdown may have forced them to address the underlying problem of the relationship that has been avoided due to the distractions of work, friends, perhaps or even another partner to make the marriage sustainable.

Although 2020 showed a dramatic decrease in the number of divorce-related terms being searched online during the lockdown, experts believe that the reasoning behind this is due to many couple feeling uncomfortable filing for a divorce during such uncertain times. Additionally, the other reason is that the situation somewhat forced couples into a situation where it was “make or break”. As a result, they were able to evaluate their issues and work through them without the need to file for a divorce.

With restrictions being eased and life slowly returning to normal, the divorce rate may increase as couples might continue to proceed with divorce following the pandemic. For instance, following the easing of the first lockdown restrictions, it was noted that online searches for terms like ‘divorce application’ began to increase, an indication of what is yet to come as we return to normality.