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Witcher Fans in Wales Will be Able to Spot Popular Landmarks When it Returns to Screens

Season three of the popular Netflix series, The Witcher, is currently in development, and Welsh viewers will be pleased to know that some of the filming is currently taking place right here. The star of the show, Henry Cavill, was recently spotted chatting to holidaymakers as he took a break from acting in some intense battle scenes.

The Witcher could end up being Netflix’s biggest series of all time one day, and this could lead more filmmakers to see Wales as a prime spot to shoot.

Huge Crew Descend on Welsh Beach

The Witcher is one of Netflix’s most ambitious projects, and it was originally planned as a rival to HBO’s Game of Thrones. Therefore, the streaming service has pumped a huge budget into making it, and has explicitly stated that that the show is intended to be as epic as possible. Some reports suggest that Netflix is spending just shy of £9 million on each episode, with the budget funnelled into various aspects from film crews to CGI.

The Witcher is a large-scale fantasy that covers a vast variety of settings, and this means filming takes showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and her crew all over the world. Wales was one of many spots where fans had a chance to see Cavill in action. Around 300 team members involved in the production of the Witcher were recently seen on Gower Beach, and they were involved in an important scene for the upcoming season.

The crew had to close off certain sections of the area, but some people were able to see the events unfold from a distance. This could be great for the Welsh tourism industry, as shots of Gower beach will soon be shown around the world. Indeed, even some members of the cast and crew said that they planned to return for holidays in the future.

The Witcher Could be Netflix’s Biggest Fantasy

The Witcher has already been a hugely popular show for Netflix, and it is only set to get bigger in the future. Indeed, it was recorded as the third most in-demand series in the USA behind Stranger Things and The Mandalorian, with the first season viewed by more than 76 million people in its first month of airing.

The Witcher franchise is now set to expand in the future, with spinoffs and anime series related to it. The name is already well-known in the gaming world thanks to the console series from CD Projekt Red, but there could be more titles in the pipeline. For instance, Netflix could commission some online casino games to boost its popularity as it has done with other series in the past. There’s the Narcos slot that features the main characters from the hit crime show, and there are also plenty of sword-themed slots like Thunderstruck and Masters of Valhalla. Therefore, a Witcher offering wouldn’t look out of place at all among these games and could be an excellent way to allure more viewers.

There is no release date for season three of the Witcher yet, so it’s likely to air sometime in 2023. When it does, Welsh viewers can enjoy seeing some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes on screen.