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Your home, a unique place

To get to know someone well, you don’t need to access their social networks. Nowadays it is enough to enter their sanctuary, their home. Thanks to the fashion for sticker or wallpaper, it is increasingly easy to identify the tastes of that person simply by looking at a wall.

Painting every three or four years has become synonymous with old-fashioned. It is no longer fashionable to look at an infinite range of colours for a whole morning to discover, by divine inspiration, which colour is yours and which shade you are willing to live with for the next few years.

Now things are much simpler. Exclusive wallpapers give you the opportunity to turn your home into just that. A space that is completely your own, where you can let yourself flow and be who you really are. Of course, you also have to take the time to choose the ideal wallpaper. That’s the thing about fashion. It makes that which stands out end up growing and, consequently, it ends up becoming a wide range of options. And don’t forget that the paper you choose will have to match the rest of the decoration, such as the armchairs or the living room table.

But this is not the only thing that is in fashion. Fantastic wall stickers are the latest trend for those who are tired of the basics and are looking for something different. Even if it’s just a motivational phrase on the wall to start or end the day in the best way. Because, wouldn’t you like to wake up and see a world map if you like travelling? And what about a children’s sticker for the room of the new member of the family?

Customisable stickers for your home

Every person is a world. That’s the good thing about being human. And the fact is that, although physically we may look alike, our inner selves reflect very different realities. That’s why, what’s the point of limiting them to what exists and not creating our own dreams? This is what can be done thanks to fantastic custom stickers, those in which the client, you, can modify part of a design to make it unique. Inimitable.

It is possible that not even this way the expected results are achieved. But don’t panic. To compensate the most creative ones, there are personalised stickers. You can create them from scratch. Your design. Nothing more, nothing less. With no influence whatsoever from the shop where you buy it. Only yours. Like a phrase your mother said to you before you became independent or the passion for eighties cinema that you always kept inside you. There are already shops that offer this increasingly popular option.

How to choose the best wallpaper for your home?

Choosing the design you will put on your personalised sticker is not easy. Sometimes it takes time to express your passions on a sticker. But, it is true that placing it at home can be much easier than a wallpaper. After all, the latter usually takes up more space. That is why we are going to give you some tips so that your illusion does not turn into tears before its time.

Due to their wide range, it is very likely that you will fall in love with many of their designs. But beware. Before you go for one, be clear about the design of your home or the room you want to give that personal touch. Take into account, among other things, the size. If it is a small space, try not to get a very large print, as it will make the room look smaller. For example, there are a lot of design of beautiful nursery wallpaper, but you shoul also consider the colors of the room and combine a good decoration.

As for the living room, this is usually where most wallpaper is placed. If your intention is to add it to just one wall, you can use a more ornate design. On the other hand, if you plan to put it on all the walls in the room, we recommend that you choose a slightly lighter model.

Simple tricks that can be applied to the whole house and that will not only allow you to decorate it, but also to make it look even bigger and brighter.