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8 Brands That Care About Sustainability

When it comes to protecting the planet, an increasing number of companies are working to ensure they minimise their environmental impact.

We look at eight national and international brands that care about sustainability and reflect this commitment throughout their business.


Online printing company Bizay not only offers affordable, high-quality printing products, but also ensures it is as easy as possible for their customers to shop green. Their core printing range includes the option of recycled paper or cardboard, and they have an eco-friendly product collection. And for businesses and retailers, quality recycled items such as Bizay’s quality paper bags are the best option to keep your business green while saving on costs.

Fat Face

Fashion retailer Fat Face wears its eco-credentials on its sleeve, with 100% of its cotton fabric organic and sustainably grown. The high street company has also partnered with the Marine and Conservation Society to create a sustainable range of beachwear as well as to raise awareness and funds for ocean conservation.


A staple of homes around the world, Swedish furniture maker Ikea has committed to not only becoming carbon neutral but ‘climate positive’ by 2030. This means they are working towards not only producing zero carbon emissions but also removing additional carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. They have also launched a range of sustainable home products made from recycled materials.


Known for their famous plastic building bricks, iconic toy brand Lego is loved by children of all ages around the world. And the brand is now leading the way with its pledge to totally switch to sustainable materials. Lego has committed to using sustainable materials in all its core products by 2030, and to use renewable or recycled packaging by 2025. It also has its Replay programme, where customers can donate used Lego bricks to prevent them from ending up in landfill.

Lush Cosmetics

An all-natural business famous for its fizzing bath bombs, Lush is a high street brand dedicated to providing environmentally friendly products without compromising quality. Their hair, face and body care ranges are 100% natural, as well as animal cruelty free. They also have a clear reduce, reuse, recycle policy across all their product packaging, incentivised by customer rewards.


Outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia wears its eco credentials on its sleeve, driven by its philosophy of ‘100% for the planet’. For the past 35 years the company has worked to reduce its environmental impact while offering high-quality products to its customers. Current green initiatives include a network of clothing repair centres, using recycled or organic materials in their products and donating 1% of its sales to conservation work.

The Body Shop

Founded by environmental activist Anita Roddick back in 1976, The Body Shop has been against animal testing from the get-go. The high street favourite maintains its high eco standards today. More recently its pledge to establish 500 product refill stations, buy fair trade recycled plastic and to become 100% vegan by the end of 2023.

Who Gives a Crap

This toilet roll manufacturer has been green from the get-go and is based on the principle of producing 100% environmentally friendly loo roll. With their strapline, ‘good for your bum and great for the world’, all their products are 100% plastic free and are made from 100% recycled paper or sustainable bamboo. Who Gives a Crap also donates 50% of profits to build toilets for communities around the world.