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3 Powerful Benefits of Text-to-Speech Services

When it was first launched, TTS or Text to speech’s primary purpose was to make life easy for people with visual impairments. It helped them listen to a chunk of text rather than requesting someone to read the text for them. TTS reads written text aloud to let people understand it without actually reading it.

Fast forward to 2022, and TTS is used in various industries for myriad purposes. For instance, students use TTS to experience bimodal (listening to the audio while reading the text) learning, readers use it to read books on the go, foreign language learners use it to learn pronunciation, businesses use it to create animated videos, etc.

Text to Speech has become bigger and better over the years. Presently, voice generators in TTS use two techniques to read chunks of text – AI-driven human voice and computer-generated voice.

While computer-generated voice delivers phonetically perfect robotic voice, AI-driven TTS software automatically understands the intonation patterns of the human voice before picking the best one for your needs. So, you can inform the AI-driven TTS software about your audience’s demography and knowledge level, and the software automatically picks the best voice for them.

But are these the only benefits of using TTS services? The following sections elaborate on the top 3 benefits of voice generator to help you benefit from the immense potential of this next-gen technology.

3 Powerful Benefits of Text to Speech Services

More Accommodative

TTS software eliminates the need to collaborate with voiceover professionals. Although it is quite easy to find voiceover artists today, you cannot vouch for their authenticity and quality before collaborating with them.

Since you need to enter into a contract before using their voice, you may still have to pay if their quality of voice is not as you expected.

Although tying up with voiceover artists may seem easy (and it indeed is), the entire process of execution might be strenuous and time-consuming.

Thanks to online TTS services, businesses and individuals have found a more convenient way to get their text translated into human voice (read, speech). Moreover, you can use the TTS software to re-narrate the text as often as you want until you obtain the best results.

Instant Results and Cost Efficiency

If you do not have the time or knowhow to find a voiceover artist, sign up a contract, specify the requirement, do the recording, edit the voice clip, redo if required, and pay the money, TTS services are meant for you. TTS services let you do all of these at a fraction of the cost you’d spend otherwise.

Understanding TTS services is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to sign up for free, upload the text, and get the output in the blink of an eye.

TTS service providers generally offer voice generators for free. However, the free plan provides you with limited access to their services. You may have to pay a minimal fee to get more extensive sounds and effects.

The little amount you pay to avail of a good quality TTS service can help you save a massive amount on account of below-par voices. Moreover, since it offers decent time saving, you can utilize the saved time for other productive activities.


The reputation of a business depends heavily on its uniformity. If all content you publish has a set theme and voice, customers can associate your brand with the same.

For instance, viewers may not feel the association you expected if your brand publishes some videos in a baritone male voice and a few more in a squeaking male voice.

So, perhaps no other technique can help you build your brand identity better than TTS. It does not matter how many videos, animated clips, or audiobooks you prepare; if the voice remains the same every time, your customers will feel strongly associated whenever they check your content.

The EndNote

Text to Speech or TTS is no more a luxury; it is a necessity. It lets you transform how you approach text and opens your content to a wide range of audiences, including visually impaired people.

So, what are you waiting for? Use TTS services and make your brand more popular.