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5 Best Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows To Watch In The UK Right Know

Though there is no shortage of quality content on Netflix, not all the shows are worth your time. Sometimes it becomes exceedingly difficult to pick the show you can binge-watch.

A perfect binge-worthy show includes an amazing storyline, strong acting, and multiple seasons to get the audience hooked.

Today, we have compiled a list of some of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix, but if you want to get the complete list of the best shows on UK Netflix, connect to a UK server of a VPN, and enjoy unlimited content.


Considering the hype revolving around ‘Bridgeton’, there is no wonder it is considered to be one of the best shows currently streaming on UK Netflix.

Bridgeton revolves around a romantic couple who are trying to make the most of their circumstance. The inclusion of historical ambiance provides it with an edge over other shows.

Daphne is the eldest daughter of the Bridgeton family, and she is looking for a perfect match. The glimpse of London’s marriage market highlights the show, but Daphne wants more than a partnership.

Chewing Gum          

Tracey Gordon is a religiously restricted virgin who wants to enjoy everything life has to offer. She is a shop assistant but wants to learn about the ways of the world by having sex.

The focus on a somewhat tabooed topic with the awkward interactions makes this show worth your time. It allows one to hop on to an amazing journey of self-exploration with the added touch of awkwardness and drama.

Orphan Black

Sarah is an outcast and orphan whose life is turned upside down after witnessing the suicide of a lady who looks exactly like her. She comes to the startling realization that she and the deceased woman are clones. Are they, however, the only ones?

The show is full of alarming turns, and you will keep guessing the culprit. It is a piece for those who want to get to the deeper level of life.

Even though Orphan black seems like a simple sci-fi, the reality is far from it. It can get you hooked on the mystery and stark realities of the story.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

The ‘Drag’ era has arrived. Self-expression is easier and more enjoyable with on-point cosmetics and over-the-top wigs. The goal of the show is to transform your favorite celebrities into drag queens.

RuPaul gives them tips on how to get started with drag makeovers and how to express oneself creatively.

The Witcher

The combination of monsters, witches, and the sizzling persona of Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia earned brownie points for this show. Considering the components mentioned earlier, there is no wonder that ‘The Witcher‘ has a massive fan following.

The dory follows the monster hunter who gets paid for killing monsters. He is confused by the ways of the world where humans are more demonic than any beast.

His path crossed a runaway princess who is a witch and trying hard to remain alive while being followed by a sorceress who wants to know the extent of the princess’s magical abilities.


We agree that there is no shortage of amazing titles on Netflix, but our picks can be regarded as the entertainment cream. From sci-fi to rom-com and reality, you can binge on these amazing shows for months.

Though these shows are available only on UK Netflix, you can enjoy them from anywhere by connecting to the UK server of a premium VPN service.

As now you have the list of shows worth your time, invite your friends over, grab some snacks, and enjoy!