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5 Secrets Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

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Besides their entertainment purposes, casinos are a business. As such, they do all in their power to maximise their income and increase the advantage they have over players.

A few differences occur between brick-and-mortar casinos in this sense. In the following article, however, we will tell you the top 7 secrets casinos keep from players.

Bear in mind that we will be focusing on UK-friendly online casinos. For more info, visit CasinoBloke, where top UK online casinos are rated and reviewed.

Now, let’s bust some gambling secrets!

1. Blackjack (Unofficially) Offers the Best Chance of Winning

In your opinion, what casino game has the best odds of winning? The answer is blackjack, no matter if you play it in person or on the interment.

This is one thing that casinos don’t explicitly say, but it’s the truth. Blackjack, even in its simplest digital variants, comes with an immense player advantage of over 99%. In turn, the blackjack house edge drops down below 1%, which is the best-case scenario if you want to win in a casino.

Certain virtual blackjack games reach a payback percentage of a whopping 99.66%, which gives punters plenty of room to get rich.

Additionally, as blackjack is a game of skills, the casino advantage could be potentially completely eliminated. How? So-called advantage players utilise advanced blackjack strategies such as counting cards to beat the dealer. Thanks to this system developed in the 20th century, millions of players worldwide successfully and legally beat blackjack tables.

So, if you’re looking for the most profitable casino game, the secret is out there – it is blackjack.

That said, beginners with no experience should not expect to make thousands by just sitting at a table. It goes without saying that one must at least master the perfect basic strategy to play blackjack well. Specific charts can be found online which tell you exactly how to play to maximise your chances of winning at blackjack.

2. Time Runs “Faster” When You’re Gambling

This casino secret predominantly applies to offline casinos, but it may slip into online gambling venues, too.

If you’ve been to a physical casino anywhere in the world, you’ll have noticed that they lack both clocks and windows. Why so? Well, casinos like it when clients stay there longer because they spend more money. As a result, the casino earns more and that keeps the business going.

Nevertheless, spending too much time at a casino is not particularly good for you. And that’s our next casino secret you might not know.

To avoid breaching compliances and due to strict regulations, online casinos must provide some form of time-tracking. Thus, most licensed online casinos have a digital clock in one of the corners of their webpage.

Moreover, within any particular game, if you look closely, you will spot a clock telling you what time it is.

But the trick is, these clocks are not that prominent or immediately visible. Instead, they are almost unnoticeable, making online casinos akin to land-based ones, in a way.

What you, as a player, can do is to be ahead of the game and monitor the watch so as to avoid problem gambling.

3. There Is No Such Thing as Trends

Do you know how baccarat and roulette tables have special boards which track “hot and cold” numbers? Well, these scoreboards are but a tool to deceive inexperienced players into thinking they can predict the future.

In games of luck, such as roulette, the outcomes of each round are independent events. Believing otherwise is called the gambler’s fallacy. There is simply no way to foretell what the RNG system will generate in your gaming sessions.

However, casinos want you to think that you’ve got the reigns in your hands even if you don’t.

But what if you guess the number a few times in a row? Does it mean that you’ll walk out a millionaire? Far from the truth. You can win 20 consequent times and lose it all in the 21st round. Casinos know trends do not matter, and you should remember that secret, too.

Don’t fall under the false impression of being able to control luck. Casino outcomes in chance games are a product of luck, and only good fortune can help you. But you can’t always have a good day for gambling.

When you hit a losing streak, just step away from the table and return another day.

4. Max Bets Actually Pay off

Again, another secret that online casinos keep is that they got this from land-based casinos. Oddly enough, it is still not a widely known fact that your bet size in slots is important.

Players are often misled to think that the bet size doesn’t matter at all. They keep betting the same minimum bet hoping for a mad multiplier which never comes. Little do they know that staking the max coin size only triggers bonuses.

Therefore, placing the high stake unlocks bonus features such as free spins, money wheels, and extra symbols. In fact, these bonus games are the only way to get the maximum jackpot in most modern video slots online.

That said, it is quintessential to sensibly manage your bankroll. Quality money management skills directly impact at what pace you’re losing money, so please gamble responsibly.

Games of chance, such as slots, could be detrimental to your casino balance. So, do not gamble more than you can afford to lose; it’s just not worth it.

5. Betting Systems Do Not Guarantee Winning

Casino players are always advised to follow certain betting strategies. This tip is perhaps the most you can do if you prefer slots, roulette, and other games that require no skill.

Namely, using betting systems gives you more control over how much you’re staking. What’s more, your betting system can save you a lot of money if you apply it correctly.

Some of the most widely used betting strategies are Martingale, Fibonacci, and Labouchere.

But while these systems are useful, they do not mean that you will win every time. On the contrary, they can’t impact winning odds in any way. Instead, they simply enable you to manage your finances in a casino better, and that’s all there is to this secret.