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7 Activities for an Epic Stag Do in Prague

Don’t know what to do for a stag do in Prague? The golden city of one hundred spires is packed with fun activities that are sure to make your celebration memorable. 

So if you like adventure, new experiences, and good beer, keep reading and write down our 7 suggested things to do in Prague on a stag weekend.

Start Off with a Party Bus at the Airport

Start partying the minute you land in Prague with the airport transfer bus. This bus takes you around the city for one to two hours (depending on the organizer), and during that time you can do some sightseeing, listen to music, and have a few drinks. 

Some party buses offer a stag package for cheekier stags, which features a singular waiting service onboard by a topless waitress. At the end of your hot welcome to Prague, you’re dropped off at your accommodation. 

Visit a Gun Range 

If you’ve ever felt curious about shooting a weapon but have never gone through with it, give it a shot during your stag do at Prague Ranger, Prague’s top shooting range. Here, you can learn how to fire legendary guns with the help of experts or try out new weapons without the need for a license or permit. Experienced gun enthusiasts are also welcome and guaranteed to have a good time. Drinks and snacks are included in the package price. 

Enjoy a Private Cruise with BBQ

Embark on an adventure in the Vltava River, where you can gather your group of friends, crack open a few cold ones or wine bottles, and have a barbecue on a cruise. 

Packages come with ingredients for a Czech meat grill, welcome drinks (with the possibility to have unlimited beer onboard), a tour guide to help improve the experience, and a stunning view of Prague from the river. 

If you like extra spice on your bbq, ask to include a stripper show, as most bbq cruises provide this service. 

Play Giant Beer Pong

Beer pong with ping pong balls and cups is nothing out of the ordinary, but giant beer pong does catch the attention of game and beer lovers. Using classic balls and barrels, you can throw or kick the balls into the barrels and make up your own drinking rules. 

The game lasts for an hour, and you get a beer for free. If that sounds thin on the ground, you can have unlimited beer for the whole hour for an extra fee, which sounds great until it affects your game skills.

Have a Traditional Czech Dinner (it comes with a surprise)

Ain’t no stag do without good food and good drinks, right? Spare some time for a traditional Czech dinner that comprises a two or three-course meal, quality beer, and a good time. 

On top of the gastronomical experience, you can enjoy an unusual side dish: a strip show during your dinner. Take your time choosing a package so that you get the best deal. Some packages include extras that allow you to better enjoy Prague nightlife, such as party maps, vouchers, and guides to the best pubs for a pint.

Fake a Stag Arrest

Before reading this, send the stag away – it’s a top-secret activity. 

An arrest always makes a good story to tell friends. Sign up for a fake arrest and have your stag handcuffed and bundled into a police car by pretending police officers. 

While the actors take your friend to a private room, take your group there and prepare for the moment the stag figures out it was all a set-up. In the end, the soon-to-be groom can be compensated with a strip show.  

Drive a Real Tank

Driving a tank is a one-of-a-kind activity that isn’t available in many cities, so make sure to add it to your memorable stag do in Prague. 

Under the instructions of a trained professional, spend 15 to 30 minutes driving through bumps, mud, and relatively deep waters at full speed. Take your most comfortable clothes (preferably pieces that can get dirty) and hold tight!