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How to Grow Your Business with Twitter: Useful Tips and Advice

Entrepreneurship can be complicated. There are so many vast details to be aware of. The biggest thing is just educating yourself on how to use the tools available to your advantage. Take Twitter for example. It’s a great platform to be seen and heard. But success takes understanding and developing a strategy to help you along the way. 

Check out these awesome tips and tricks to assist you on this challenging path. 

Profile with Style

We all understand just how valuable a great profile is. After all, when someone is curious about you or your business, that’s honestly the first locale they are going to research in. When people head over there and see no valuable details and boring pictures, they likely won’t stick around. 

So don’t take that chance! 

You have what’s called a banner photo. This is like a headliner. Use something engaging and bold here. It should represent your business by using company color schemes and fonts. You can also put quotes or a your mission here. Just make it visually appealing. 

The banner is the best imagery area for complete creativity. Images, color, engagement, and more – all packed into this sweet spot at the header of your profile. 

Of course, then you also should have a profile picture. You can make this personal if you’re an individual, or you can make it business-related. It’s your call. However, make sure it’s a high-quality image. 

Finally, part of your profile is your Twitter handle. This is ultimately your account name. In most cases, you’re likely going to use your business name. However, you could use something directly related to your business if you prefer. Just make it relevant. 

Know When to Spend

There are tons of different ways to spend money and help grow your business. You need to be smart about doing so. Don’t just throw a bunch of dollars at ads and boosts hoping that’s going to be the only way to go. 

Those tools can certainly be useful. They have a time and place, particularly if you know how to strategize to get the best results from doing so. 

However, there are other logical ways to invest and grow here. Consider a resource to purchase likes for your posts. The same services often have choices to buy followers and fans as well. If you buy cheap Twitter likes for your posts that are very affordable, you will see that this is a great and instant way to add some new real admirers to your base. 

Do a bit of research on your options and figure out what company is the most reliable and will deliver efficient results for your business needs. 

Congratulations on Your Engagement

Ok – so maybe it’s really not that type of engagement. BUT you get the idea, right? It’s extremely important, and when you have activity to respond to, it’s something you can celebrate. When people are liking, re-tweeting, or following, you know you’re doing something right. 

Some people forget to recognize their loyal fans when they reach big statuses. Don’t be that kind of business. Your followers deserve to be acknowledged. While you might reach a point that you can’t respond to literally everything, you should be able to take the time to interact with people. After all, they took the time to interact with you. 

Oh, and if we’re being honest, your success is dependent upon getting people to notice you and then communicate or interact with you in a meaningful capacity. 

Why Did You Tweet That? 

For just one moment, let’s be real. Developing a social media platform has tons of advantages. It also has its downsides. If you mess it up, it can be really hard to recover from that. Think about how quickly a terrible tweet can spiral around the world. 

The same is true of a really great post too. So before you hit that “send” button, think it out. Will this appeal to potential customers? Will it impress the people that you want to support your business? 

Every single thing you post should have these qualities. 

  • Value
  • Purpose
  • Validity
  • Connection

One unique thing about Twitter is that it was designed for conversation. It’s changed a lot since it first evolved, but it still has that connotation behind it. You want to engage in conversation with your post. 

If possible, always add some sort of call to action or question. This will drive conversation if you do it right. 

Gauging Success

Now, here’s just a touch more hard truth for you. Just because you get a like or a comment doesn’t mean your post was an utter success. These can be great measurements, and that might be what you’re looking for. 

But the thing is, there are other ways to measure success and know when you need to make a change. Much like any other social, Twitter offers analysis tools that can really help you out. It’s called Twitter analytics, and you will find it easily on your profile dashboard. 

Check out all of the details based on the goals that you set. One of the big things to monitor are likes or followers. However, you want to know which of these will translate to conversions eventually. You can figure out who and when and use that to determine if you should make any type of changes to your strategies.

There are other tools out there too. Use what’s available at your fingertips. Schedulers can be really helpful because you just prepare everything and let that tool do the work. 

Strategize for Success

Finally, you need to take the time to strategize. Whether you choose to hire a media management company or you go it alone, there needs to be a plan. This is the most effective way to establish finish lines and then work to measure whether or not you are winning the race. 

Strategizing should heavily focus on what it is that you want to accomplish and who you want to reach in the process. Don’t be generic here. Take the time to assess the demographic you feel you appeal to. 

For example, a men’s deodorant company might capture the eyes of men age 25-55. That’s just an example. Set out the demographic, the type of customer, and then plan according to those details. 

Some strategies even go so far as to determine what types of posts you’re going to create and when you will post them. Maybe you use Fridays for humor and Tuesdays for education or something like that. You get the picture, right? 

Make your strategy something that makes sense. You need an attainable idea here. The really cool thing is that you’re creating a basic guideline. So you still have total control of what you do put out there and how you choose to do it. 

Final Thoughts

In closing, you deserve to be successful. If you want something to grow, you have to nurture it. You can just set it and then forget it. Take the time to really nurture your business and use the tips to help you find your own success

When you consider the details and take advantage of simple solutions, you see major differences. The end goal is to be authentic and be seen in your own way.