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3 ways to increase your ROI with call tracking

In every business marketing model it’s highly important to address your return on investment (ROI). Monitoring, evaluating, and increasing your ROI is vital for maintaining optimal business operations.

Marketing is one of the key areas of investment in most businesses, and has the greatest opportunity for profitable returns, but only when executed successfully. Therefore, if you wish to increase your ROI then you should ensure that you’re continuously enhancing your marketing campaigns.

One of the best ways of achieving this is through expert UK call tracking software. This will provide you with all the insight you need to refine your marketing, and thus, increase your ROI most effectively.

In this article you will learn what ROI is in your business, as well as the top three ways you can increase your ROI using call tracking software.

What is Return on Investment?

ROI is a measurement of how profitable a business investment is.

Businesses are continually investing in different areas, with the goal of ultimately increasing business sales and revenue. In order to achieve this, you must ensure that each investment is bringing profit to your business, and not an unsatisfactory expense.

The ROI is simply how much you profit from the investment compared to how much the investment costs. If your investment produces high levels of profit, it’s considered a good ROI, and vice versa.

Marketing, being a huge source of investment for most businesses, is a crucial component in securing a good ROI. When you invest in new marketing strategies, you aim to have more lead and sales generation, and thus, more profit for your business.

If your marketing is effective, your ROI will increase. If your strategies are not driving sufficient sales, you risk either a poor or unobtained ROI.

Therefore, it’s important that you explore the best ways of increasing your ROI through efficient marketing – which in this case is expert call tracking software.

How to increase your ROI with call tracking

Call tracking can increase your ROI through boosting your marketing strategies. Here are the top three ways you can increase your ROI with call tracking software:

1. Secure more leads and conversions

Call tracking can help you generate more leads and conversions through your marketing, using relevant reports to map the customer journey. Through the call tracking software and tools, you can analyse in-depth data on the touchpoints of every customer journey leading to a conversion, including those before, during, and after a call.

This will allow you to see the main areas of engagement in every journey and see the prime targets for your new marketing strategies.

For instance, if you see the majority of your customer engagement is through social media ads, then you can work on developing similar strategies that hone in on the customers’ preferences.

This will result in more customers engaging with these preferred forms of marketing, which will increase lead generation, sales conversions, and consequently your ROI.

2. Refine your marketing content

The content of your marketing is also essential in producing better ROI, and this can be refined using speech analytics.

With this feature, every call will be recorded and transcribed, and relevant keywords will be identified in your call conversations that are important to your business. This will allow you to analyse fully the nature of every phone call, including the purpose of it, quality of interaction, and resolution.

With this data you will have a clear idea of customer needs, through the main queries and keywords they raise in conversation. For example, you might find that customers are highly interested in the price of your services or product.

In response, you can tailor your marketing strategies to focus heavily on these main needs revealed by the customers, which will result in more potential leads.

With more customers seeing what they need in your business – through your marketing – you’ll have a higher rate of sales, resulting in an improved ROI.

3. Create more cost-efficient strategies

ROI is all about profit in relation to investment cost. If you want a better ROI, you must ensure that every penny of your marketing costs is contributing effectively to sales profit.

With call tracking, you’ll be able to monitor the success of every marketing strategy, and adapt your approaches accordingly.

For instance, if you spot touchpoints that are delivering high levels of engagement and conversions, you can drive more of your marketing budget to these areas. If certain strategies are producing insufficient leads, you can either reduce or end the investment completely.

This will result in more cost-efficient marketing, since you’ll only be investing in profitable strategies that create acceptable results, and not wasting unnecessary expense on below-average campaigns.

The better the value for money, the higher your ROI will be.

With ROI playing such a pivotal role in your business’s development, it’s essential that you incorporate call tracking into your operations to gain the optimal ROI that your business deserves.