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7 Popular Industries Right Now To Pursue For A Career

Like any aspect of life, jobs and careers weave in and out of fashion over the years. What was once a much-contested field can dry up out of nowhere, thanks to changes in technology, policy, or society as a whole. Likewise, jobs that may have seemed niche only a few years ago might become hugely popular and in-demand because of changes that we haven’t even considered as of yet. In this article, take a look at various different industries that are now more than ever popular to pursue a career in.

  • Software development

With a recent demand for bespoke business apps for companies that have adopted working from home or hybrid working approaches for staff, the rise in software development is sky-high. With an increase by 25% of careers in the industry over the past year, it is clear that software developers are only set to increase in demand with more technology advancements!

  • Healthcare

There’s little wonder that healthcare roles are in high demand since the entire industry has gone above-and-beyond expectations over the last two years. The roles are not just in front-line medical care, either. Support staff in clinics and hospitals, engineers and programmers in the medical field, teaching staff, and more are all highly sought after.

  • Artificial intelligence

AlI programmers and designers are also much in demand. With the switch to online interaction across many industries, artificial intelligence has been a growth area in the tech sector. This has much to do with online chatbots that can field and answer queries from clients, and these applications are becoming ever more sophisticated as a result.

  • Finance

While global markets may rise and fall depending on all manner of factors, the financial institutions that underpin them remain to manage the fallout. Accounting and financial literacy are two of the most treasured career skills you can have at the moment. Even in the most tumultuous economic times, a firm grasp of finance is the key to success, and there are plenty of well paid roles in this sector for those with the right skills and qualifications. If you’re thinking of entering the world of finance, or are preparing for financial exams, sites like 300Hours.com offer a great range of useful resources. 

  • Sales

Between economic uncertainty, many business owners faced extreme losses over the past two years, with many going under altogether. For new and surviving companies, the challenge to recoup those losses has been put in the hands of expanded sales teams, including both field agents and consultants.

  • Digital design

Many businesses have moved their products and services online. As such, digital design has been a growth industry, including digital art, graphic design, SEO, website development, and more. This will continue as more companies make the switch to an online presence. Meanwhile, those that have already embraced it will need trained professionals to provide maintenance and updates.

  • Marketing

With so many companies exploring online sales channels, marketing has become more important than ever. After all, if almost everyone is online, how do you put yourself ahead of the field? This has seen a massive call for content marketing, copywriters, campaign strategists, SEO experts, social media gurus, and more.