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8 Great Welsh Action Movies still worth watching in 2022

Hollywood is crown-headed for picking up some sensational souls, terrains, and plotlines for its movies. While searching for these three-in-one, Wales never disappoints. Welsh dominant actors’ backdrop scenes like rolling hills and unforgettable storylines always put Hollywood on a boost.

Today, we’ll talk about those 8 impressive movies to watch on Wales’ cold evenings. These movies are tapped in Wales, narrated in welsh, produced by a Welsh, or lead played by Welsh actors.

If you are an action movie freak and want to watch impressive action films based on high-quality resolutions and plots, Welsh action movies will back you up.

Resistance (2011)

A popular thriller “Resistance,” is a masterpiece released in 2011. It reveals the whole scenario of being in a war and how to survive when nothing goes right.

A historical-reality-based thriller, “Resistance”, is started when the women on the border of Wales came out of their houses to find their husbands. Their men shockingly have gone to take part in the British Resistance.

Survival became nearly impossible for those women and soldiers, so they pin their hopes on each other in a frozen winter breeze.

A Way of Life (2004)

Release in 2004 and available on Amazon Prime, A way of life shows the pain of being a single parent. All mothers who have raised their children alone can easily relate to the level of depression, thrill, and chills that runs down their veins.

A psychological thriller, “A way of life,” is recorded in Wales. Story of a single mother, LeighAnne Williams becomes a mother at 17. She struggled with her six-month-old baby Rebecca and was already pressurized by society’s unnecessary interference and unemployment.

But she became more paranoiac when she realized that the neighbor across the street would complain to social services for taking away the custody of her baby.

Delight (2013)

In 2013, Delight was released and got all the attention. The movie brings back the memories of people who lived and survived war eras.

The movie “Delight” represents a story of a female (Jeanne Balibar, A Welsh actress) who worked as a war photographer and was in love with a younger man. She came to an extent where her traumatized past relationship haunts her while making a healthy relationship with her son.

Submarine (2011)

Welsh movie Submarine was aired in 2011 when Hollywood was already on the top of making fascinating ideas.

Starred a Welsh actor Craig Roberts in “Submarine”, is all about a warm and pleasant genre. Craig, acting as Oliver, wants two things to set up like his goals. One is to lose his virginity before hitting 16. The second goal is to fix her mom’s relationship with her ex-lover to make a happy family again.

Blue Scar (1949)

Blue Scar is an unforgettable movie drama that highlights the struggles of a Welsh townie “Olwen Williams.” The movie was released back in 1949. It’s been ages, but “Blue Scar” still has an indelible impression in our minds.

She left her small home to find a way to sing, scholar, and get along with a rich man. She also left her sweetheart Tom to reach her goal. On the other hand, her father holds a miner’s profession. Olwen wants to get him a new honorable job.

Dark Horse (2015)

Inspirational-thriller Dark Horse was released in 2015 and became eye-catching for all the NewZealanders. Dark Horse has shot and set in the beautiful village of Wales.

It’s an inspirational-thrilling story of friends who worked together in a men’s club. They got an idea to compete in the “sports of Kings.” They wanted to breed and raise their horses to release them for a horse race.

Dial a Ride (2005)

Dial-a-ride, released in 2005, is not a thriller but a heart-warming episodic Welsh movie. It is a documentary based on funny and cheerful memories. You must watch it if you are curious about how the people grow old in rural Britain.

A bus that picks up elderlies and disabled from their door to make their life’s journey memorable.

Twin Town (1997)

Dark Comedy, crime-related thriller, and Drama-based Twin Town was Released in 1997. Still, Twin Town is one of the most debatable Welsh movies. It represents a life tale of two brothers who lived all their lives on drugs, smoking, stealing cars, etc.

The story started when their grandfather injured himself after falling off a roof. Twins thought this would be their golden chance to ask for compensation from the roof’s developer. You can also check out the fifteen films to put a smile on your face.


Welsh movies cover a huge page in the catalog of Hollywood. If we say that the seven movies mentioned above are the finest and binge-worthy movies that are also linked with Wales would not be wrong.

While having a pleasant weekend in New Zealand, your family and friends will love this list to watch. Grab some caramel popcorn, cold drinks, and snacks to increase the joy. Also, do not forget to give a review of this Welsh list. Your suggestions are close to our hearts.