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A new art guide to Cardiff reveals the city’s cultural hotspots

A new free guide to Cardiff’s burgeoning art scene has been created to make culture more accessible to everyone in the city.

The Art Freshers’ Guide Web Book: Art Freshers’ Guide to the Art World is designed to help anyone new to the city, or the art curios who already live and work here, get the most from what’s on offer. The guide is particularly helpful for art students arriving to study in the Cardiff.

National Museum Wales.

The digital hand-book, compiled by ArtRabbit, gives an art trail around the city from National Museum Cardiff to Chapter. It also shares great places for co-working and studying, alongside a list of Cardiff art events to save in all our calendars.

ArtRabbit editor-in-chief Vivi Kallinikou:

“Cardiff has a huge amount to offer anyone interested in the arts. As well as diversity in the arts itself we wanted to show the geographical diversity of what’s going on. Less well-known areas have much to offer and we wanted to show that as well covering the areas more traditionally associated with art.

“More broadly art and culture are often the first things to be defunded in the face of governmental budget cuts. The precariousness of the availability of resources is a constant struggle for artists, art students and anyone else who wishes to involve themselves in the arts. Accessibility to the arts is the antidote to this injustice. And our web book promotes this accessibility. We believe making such a resource available is vital in promoting aesthetic literacy and accessibility to arts education.”

The Cardiff art trail guides users on some of the best galleries, museums and art centres in different areas across the city. Exhibitions that are free to attend are also highlighted within the guide to help the budget conscious.

National Museum Wales.

ArtRabbit founder Tom Elsner said: “The best way to get to know a place is by walking. With Cardiff being so chock-full of inspiring art venues and events we thought that creating an interactive guide of venues, study spots and events could be a really useful way to get you acquainted with Cardiff’s art scene”.

The guide is also an invaluable research tool for students studying art or visitors to the city.

Vivi added: “We’ve carefully selected resources that we think will benefit artists, curators and creatives in all stages of their career. The final product is an expertly editorialised list that has resulted in countless success stories. This is a great free tool for artists.”

The galleries included in the Cardiff art trail:

  • National Museum Cardiff
  • Ffotogallery
  • g39
  • ArcadeCardiff
  • Three Doors Up
  • Chapter