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A new community orchard is set to grow around an historic Rhyl landmark

Credit: Denbighshire Council

Denbighshire Countryside Service rangers with the support of Nature for Health volunteers, Coleg Llandrillo student and Ysgol Tir Morfa students, have created a new area for communities to enjoy alongside the Rhyl Cut.

Work has commenced along key points of the watercourse with a view to carrying out a longer-term project to develop the route to support local nature and the wellbeing of communities living along the historic route though Rhyl.

Denbighshire County Council is also working with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to improve the watercourse and land surrounding its route through the town from east to west into the River Clwyd.

The new development is situated opposite Coleg Llandrillo Rhyl next to the footpath running alongside the Rhyl Cut.

A total of 40 trees were planted by the team of rangers and volunteers on site including several species of apple (Norfolk, Cox, Jona red, Spartan, Golden delicious, and Braeburn) and plum (Opal, Oullins Golden Gage, Cambridge gage, Victoria, and Czar), two types of pear trees (Concorde, and Conference) and a Morello cherry tree.

The team worked to make sure the new orchard trees are protected with double stakes and a metal wire cage as they grow.

This work follows recent hedgelaying on a section of the Rhyl Cut to help improve management of the area and boost biodiversity for local nature for the surrounding community to enjoy.

Countryside Ranger Vitor Evora said: “Rhyl Cut is such a great area for both residents and nature to enjoy together. This new orchard will add to that and will really support the wellbeing of communities living around this area.

“It’s also great to work with our volunteers to do something that not only helps their own health by working outdoors but may also benefit the many residents and visitors who like to walk down this route by the Rhyl Cut on a regular basis.”

Emlyn Jones, Head of Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Services, said: “We know how important historically the Rhyl cut is to the local communities here and we are working hard to regenerate the landmark for both the wellbeing of our nature and our residents living alongside it. “