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A student’s guide to living in Cardiff

Cardiff University is the top university in Wales, making it the ideal establishment for anyone looking to move to an exciting city and learn with a top education provider.

Making the most out of everything that the city has to offer is important to ensuring that you enjoy a great student experience, so check out our guide to having a great time living in Cardiff while studying.

Find A Neighbourhood That Suits Your Lifestyle

Like any city, Cardiff is made up of a diverse range of unique areas that will suit different students. You might like the tranquil Cardiff Bay, or the more vibrant West End where you will have the city’s exciting nightlife right on your doorstep. Research the city and the accommodation available before you make a commitment so that you can enjoy the student life you want.

Rent A Comfortable Place To Live

Having narrowed down the area you want to live in, it’s important you find the right property. Where you live has a strong impact on your student experience, so find yourself a secure home with a supportive property manager. The student accommodation in Cardiff is competitive, so to make sure you get a nice place to live you should visit and book early. Being proactive will secure you a great base from which to explore this beautiful city.

Look Out For Discounts

Money can be tight when you’re a student, as loans don’t cover very much and it’s hard to hold down a job and study at the same time. To help you enjoy your experience and keep within your budget many retailers offer discounts, allowing you to have fun shopping and still have enough money for everything you need.

Make New Friends

Having a supportive group of pals to explore with can make the difference between a fun student experience and a dull one. Befriend people on your course or in your accommodation and explore the city together so that you create fun memories.

Travel The City In Style

If you want to see Cardiff in a unique way, then take a boat tour. Viewing the city from the water is a great way to notice things you’d have never seen on land, and experienced boat tour guides can discuss the history and cultural relevance of many of the city’s glorious monuments and buildings.

Join A Society

One great way to meet new people and really integrate into university life is to join one of Cardiff University’s societies. There are loads to choose from, from activity-based clubs through to groups designed to discuss specific political, ideological or intellectual ideas, so everyone will be able to find a society to suit them.

Celebrate Local Sport

Much of Welsh culture revolves around rugby, so take a trip to Cardiff’s Principality Stadium to learn more about the city’s team and its love of this fascinating sport. You can tour the stadium or simply watch a match and embrace the excitement and thrills of this exhilarating game.