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Are the UK gambling laws more Permissive than other Western Countries?

Since its introduction, gambling has been quite popular across many parts of the globe. The trend is growing by the year with gambling operators earning billions every year from the lucrative industry. However, gambling is regulated in different countries. Some laws are permissive while in other states, they are quite stringent. In the UK, most parts of the US and Europe, online gambling is legal. UK laws are quite permissive and one of the reasons as to why gambling is deep-rooted in the region.

Over the years, lotteries, sports betting online and in casinos, bingo and slots have enjoyed enormous popularity and growth in the UK. As long as you are 18 years and above, you are eligible for gambling. Today, most casino operators, individuals and online sites are licensed to offer an array of gambling services. The UK Gambling Commission was established in 2015. Therefore, all online gambling, as well as brick and mortar sites, need to get a license from the commission for smooth operations.

For players, you need to ensure the gambling site you are using is offering legal services. In this case, you ought to look out for a licensing or commission display based on the jurisdictions of the UKGC whitelist that includes countries within European economic area, Alderney gambling control commission, Antigua and Barbuda, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Tasmania Liquor and Gaming Commission.

UK gambling laws are also more permissive because the UK is known as one of the best countries with the most mature jurisdictions across Europe. This is in terms of the ease of acquiring a gambling license, transparency in technical policies and standards and player protection. For this reason, it is even easier for an international company to access the UK’s gambling market as long as one adheres to the set rules and regulations.

With the permissive laws, there are exciting games to play online games and play offline. Betting is equally popular among gamers and sports such as horse, lotteries and greyhound races are widely loved.

Compared to Austria, UK laws are permissive. Even though gambling is legal in Austria, the government has put in place a lot of steps to control all web-based and land-based gambling acts. This is why you will find a set of unique laws, circumstances and the definition of proper gambling in the country. For example, there is proper gambling that involves more money and small gambling where 50 cents or even less can be wagered. For this reason, proper gambling takes place in land-based casinos while small gambling happens anywhere.

At present, Austria’s gambling legislation offers licenses to established companies in the region who want to offer gambling services. However, some can only accept Austrian citizens. In the UK, citizens from different parts of the globe are welcome to gamble in a licensed company or site. When it comes to sports betting, there are different options to explore in Austria including football, poker and slot games.

While Austria can regulate who gambles in its casinos, its citizens who are of legal age can gamble in sites from other countries.

In France, gambling is legal for operators offering racing, casino and sports betting games. For online operators, the laws are stringent with high taxes.

In Spain, the Spanish Gambling Act regulates gambling activities and a legal framework exists for online betting activities.

In Italy, the home of baccarat, the laws define the game of skill and luck. Lotteries, sports betting and other betting varieties are known as the game of skill and are legal regulated gaming activities.

In New Zealand, gambling and betting activities are illegal, unless with a license and guidance by NZ Gambling Act 2003. Only land-based casinos in the country are legal. What’s more, there are gambling forms that are considered illegal under the act since the act classifies the activity into 4 classes namely class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4.

Remote interactive gambling is equally prohibited in NZ. Though online gambling portals and companies operating from countries with legal online gambling can offer their services to New Zealand citizens and NZ gamblers can choose to gamble on many international NZ designated online casinos to play on.

With such regulations, UK remains one of the countries with the most permissive laws compared to other western countries.