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Best Cities To Travel To In Your RV Airstream Rental (In the U.S)

There are a lot of different ways to travel these days. Whether you are driving, walking, taking public transport or even flying, the choices are nearly endless.

This is particularly the case when you’re going on holiday and a bunch of travel agents are trying to force different modes of travel on you. I’ve experienced this myself and sometimes it can all get a bit too much. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from everything and plan your own holidays, and that’s why RVs can be such a great option. You can go almost anywhere you want as long as it’s within reason and you can experience the freedom that travelling out on the roads bring. It’s a guilty pleasure for a lot of people to get away in an RV (me included) and they’ve really shot to popularity in recent times. However, there are some places that are better to visit with one if you are going to go away. Where are these places, though? Here are the best cities to travel to in your RV in the USA. 

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The first city that I’ll bring to your attention is Las Vegas. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking- isn’t Vegas just all casinos and gambling? While this is the general public perception of the city, it’s actually really far from the truth. A lot of the areas are actually really nice to visit and could make for a really good holiday if that’s where you want to go. This goes no matter what kind of holiday you’re looking at, but it’s particularly the case if you want to take an RV. The city of Las Vegas has some really lovely areas to park up your RV, and the best thing is that they tend to be really spacious. Throughout the US, it can be a challenge to find an RV park with enough room to park up and still enjoy some space to take in the scenery. Vegas has plenty of them. Not only this, but they are notorious for being pet friendly- which is always a bonus! If you’re looking for a good city to take your RV to, this could be a shout!

Orlando is another city that may not immediately strike you as an RV-filled area, but it actually is! While their tourism industry is bolstered by people visiting a variety of different theme parks, staying away in an RV adds a whole new dimension to the place. There are an absolute plethora of parks for you to visit, and the best thing tends to be the wide range of people you’ll meet. There will be all sorts to people to mingle with and chat to, which is what RV trips are all about, after all. Along with Vegas, I’m a strong believer that Orlando is definitely up there with the very best cities to visit for an RV holiday