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Binance Coin: Why you should take advantage of this short opportunity?

The Crypto market’s volatility gives traders a chance of taking benefit from huge price swings. If you research well, responsibly trade and develop a solid system of risk management, volatility is never a bad thing. Learning crypto trading has become very popular with traders. Mostly those who are interested to invest in volatile bullish or bearish markets. Trading crypto is a more attractive opportunity over more conventional markets. From 1st January to 6th June Bitcoin is nearly up by 25 %. Such a figure includes the huge correction from the all-time $64900 price high that was reached last year April. In this same period, a rise was seen in S&P by 12 %. It was less than half of all gains seen with BTC/USD. So suppose you have invested in an S&P tracker fund in the amount of $1000 on 1st January last year. Such an investment would make $120 in profit by 6th June.  If you are a beginner, engage in Bitcoin trading confidently with Bitcoin Motion

 If you invest this $1000 in Bitcoin, by 6th June you will make $250. Bitcoin or other crypto trading is profitable also in bearish markets. Any trader shorting Bitcoin on 15th April for nearly $64000 and closing the position at $30300 on 19th May will be generating a 50 % return in only 5 weeks. Bitcoin ranged from the mark of $28.7k to the resistance level of $30.6k in the last 2 weeks. Binance Coin is one of the best performing leading 20 altcoins by market cap in the last 10 days. It appeared to include a bullish structure on the price charts a few days back. But this price was rejected at a vital resistance level. The bullish bias thus appeared to shift bearish again.

Chart of BINANCE coin: 4 hours

  • On the chart of 4 hours, the price had been in a serious downtrend before in May.
  • It formed a very low high at $332.8.
  • In the previous week, the price made more promising low points as it rose from underneath the mark of $250 the whole way to the mark of $335.
  • Besides, the price broke over the lower high of the downtrend at $332.8 two or three days prior, to show that the market design might have had a bullish shift.
  • The levels of Fibonacci retracement plotted for the drop of BNB from $413.6-$218.8.
  • It showed the level of $339.2 to be the retracement level of 61.8%.
  • This region additionally had a juncture with the more drawn-out term even level at $337.5.
  • It which had gone about as help in January and February’s dive in prices.
  • This conjunction of the opposition saw a dismissal for BNB.
  • The value had all the earmarks of being set out toward a meeting close underneath the $316.2 mark, the half retracement level.
  • This could see the $316 level retested as opposition and a further drop in prices.

Binance chart: 1 hour

  • On the lower period price chart, the last 11 days’ uptrend should be visible all the more plainly.
  • It began when the price flipped the area of $280 to demand from supply on 14th May.
  • The price rallied higher from that point forward.
  • It can likewise be perceived how significant the $316 support was throughout recent days.
  • This is because it got tried on various occasions.
  • Notwithstanding, ongoing long periods of trading saw such a level broken in a single meeting.
  • A retest of this previous help zone as obstruction could offer a shorting a valuable open door.
  • This short position’s stop-loss would be simply over the opposition zone, at $324.2.
  • While the take-benefit lies at the zone of interest at $296 the cost posted a new move upwards.
  • Binance’s 1-hour indicators show that the bearish momentum has areas of strength for been that selling volume has been weighty in the last couple of hours.
  • The AO and RSI jumped underneath the neutral lines to show the dominance of the seller.
  • The OBV likewise slipped underneath momentary help levels and could be going a lot lower.


The 4-hour flip in the structure, combined with the chart of 1 hour and all indicators, clearly suggested that Binance Coin may be moving downwards to the zone of $295. For a trade, one important aspect is technical analysis. Equally important are trade psychology and risk management. So the short position size must get allocated so that only a trading capital of 25 is at risk during entry.