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Blaenau Gwent proposes protection order for dog control

Blaenau Gwent Council is proposing to renew its Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for the exercising of dogs and clearing up of dog fouling on land throughout the borough. Comments on the proposals are currently welcome from all interested members of the public.

The PSPO for Dog Control aims to help owners behave responsibly in areas that are enjoyed by others. It outlines requirements and restrictions for dog owners and ensures that shared spaces are usable for all Blaenau’s residents to enjoy.

The existing PSPO was introduced in November 2019 for a period of 3 years and is due to expire later this year. It created dog exclusions areas, dogs on lead areas and made it an offence to fail to remove dog faeces once the dog had defecated. Owners who commit an offence are currently given a fixed penalty notice of £100 in lieu of prosecution. Failure to accept or pay within a specific time will result in a court appearance.

Councillor Helen Cunningham, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Place and Environment said:
“The vast majority of dog owners are very responsible and always ensure they adhere to any regulations regarding their dogs. However, the renewed proposal will continue to help keep our community spaces and specific land free from dog fouling. The issuing a fixed penalty notice to irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up after their dogs will help keep our communities safe and clean.”

What land will be covered by the Public Space Protection Order?
• The dog fouling aspect of the public space protection order will continue to apply to all land which is open to the air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access within the area of Blaenau Gwent.
• The proposed dog exclusion areas and the dogs on lead areas relate to specific areas of land outlined by the location plans. Most of the existing designated areas are to remain unchanged from the current order.
• There is currently one new dog exclusions area proposed; PSPO-DC-106- Bryn Bach Park, Tredegar – an additional dog exclusion area at the park is proposed that relates to the mini golf play area.
• The plans can also be viewed at the office below between Monday – Friday between 9am- 5pm.
• Blaenau Gwent CBC, General Offices, Steelworks Road, Ebbw Vale, NP23 6DN.

What is the penalty for failing to comply with a Public Space Protection Order?
Blaenau Gwent CBC is proposing to continue to offer a fixed penalty notice of £100 for offences contained within the Public Space Protection Orders. Failure to pay the fixed penalty notice will result in the authority taking legal action which may result in a maximum fine of level 3 on the standard scale, which is currently £1,000.

The consultation process
The council has a legal duty to consult on the proposed public space protection order for dog controls before they are introduced. The consultation period will run from Tuesday 19th July 2022 until Wednesday 17th August 2022. Following the consultation period, we will consider any representations that have been made before deciding whether to make any changes or proceed to confirm the order.

How do I comment on the proposals?
If you would like to comment on the proposed public space protection orders for dog controls, please either email us or write to us by Wednesday 17th August 2022 using the contact details below:
Email: [email protected]

Write to: Environmental Health Section, Blaenau Gwent CBC, General Offices, Steelworks Road, Ebbw Vale, NP23 6DN