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Caerphilly Council makes changes to household recycling centres

Credit: Caerphilly Council

Caerphilly County Borough Council have announced changes to the way residents use their Household Recycling Centres (HRC), as part of their plans to boost recycling rates and minimise waste.

The new stipulations will come into effect from 12th February and will require all residents to pre-sort their waste and recycling at home, before visiting any of the Council’s HRCs.

Cllr. Chris Morgan, Cabinet Member for Waste, Leisure & Green spaces said: “We have a serious waste issue here in Caerphilly County Borough, and we need to be bold and ambitious in our approach to tackle this.

“The household waste deposited in the general waste skips at Household Recycling Centres in Caerphilly County Borough is currently the highest in Wales, and whilst we have introduced measures to try and combat this, such as the proof of residency requirement, more needs to be done.”

The new measure, which is in line with how other Councils throughout Wales operate, will instruct residents to separate recyclable and non-recyclable materials at home, so that when visiting Household Recycling Centres, everything can be easily organised into the correct containers.

Any waste brought to Household Recycling Centres in bags will also be monitored, with residents being asked to open the bags to ensure that no recyclable materials are inside.

Cllr. Chris Morgan added: “Recent compositional analysis revealed that approximately 50% of our general waste skips could have been recycled.

“The new pre-sort requirements are being introduced alongside a complete reconfiguring of our HRCs to ensure that our residents are able to waste less and recycle a wider range of materials.”