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Cardiff Bus sign donation supports Llandough dementia patients

Dementia patients who become “distressed and confused” with unfamiliar hospital surroundings are getting vital support thanks to Cardiff Bus.

The transport operator has donated one of its stop signs and timetable displays to Llandough Hospital, in a bid to prevent elderly patients living with dementia from becoming unsettled and anxious during their stay.

The donation comes after Ward 8 sister Teresa Coomer approached Cardiff Bus about the struggles faced by her patients on a daily basis.

Sister Coomer explained that people with dementia can become stressed in hospital quite quickly as a result of being removed from their daily routine and familiar surroundings. Confusion and agitation can then cause them to wander in a bid to find something familiar – which for many is a bus stop.

To help tackle this issue, Cardiff Bus has donated one of its bus stop signs and timetable displays, which will be displayed in a seated area of the hospital ward also featuring a relaxing mural. The area provides a designated space for patients to escape any potential stress, allowing them to relax and talk in a quiet environment with other patients or their families.

Gareth Stevens, Commercial Manager at Cardiff Bus said it was their “pleasure” to be able to support patients living with dementia to help reassure them during their hospital stay.

He said: “We are delighted to be able to make this donation to Llandough Hospital, which we hope will help improve the lives of people living with dementia.

“Cardiff Bus is first and foremost a community focused organisation which is proud to support residents across the city. It Is therefore our pleasure to provide this sign to Ward 8 which we hope will offer reassurance and provide familiarity to dementia patients throughout Cardiff.”

Sister Coomer said that the donation would be “invaluable” in supporting patients visiting the hospital with dementia.

She said: “We were so grateful to Cardiff Bus for their quick response and help in donating a this sign. Patients with dementia in acute hospital areas can often become distressed and want to return home. Often they say they are able to catch a bus when we ask them how they will get there.

“Having a bus stop on the ward will help to calm a patient as they see that familiar sign and enable us to assist them to not be so frightened and anxious.”