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CBS change employment screening services after woman left feeling identityless

One of the UK’s leading employment screening companies, CBS, has recently taken big steps to improve its services after a woman complained her employment screening check made her feel ‘identityless’ and upset.

After taking a 21-year employment break to raise a family, Debbie Brady had been offered a part-time position at RDT, a Kent-based insure-tech software house that has a long-term partnership with CBS for vital employment screening.

As someone that did not claim any benefits or earn her own salary, all of Debs’ household bills were in her husband’s name, meaning the paper trail was very limited to show what she had been doing for the past two decades.

Discussing her difficult journey, Debs said:

“It was a difficult process. I feel like I would have been better off returning to work after coming out of jail than raising a family, as there would have at least been a paper trail.”

Having a proud history of supporting the local community and having a strong female-led team, CBS strive to help women back into the workplace after having an employment gap, so when they heard the above, they knew that they had to change their overall process.

The new RDT and CBS package allows those that have been on an employment break to self-certify what they have been doing, and CBS has provided guidance to all staff who handle the screening administration for returnships.

MD and Lead Signatory at CBS, Rachel Bedgood, has said:

“Employment screening is, by its very nature, a difficult process to manage for all parties concerned. The employer needs a robust and meticulous process, the applicant needs a simple and quick journey, and we need to make sure we apply thorough due diligence while ensuring a happy balance is created to meet everyone’s objectives.”